Thursday, January 26, 2006

so far

I used my PC time yesterday to finish the prize kit for the chat tonight. Fortunately i had a bunch of the pieces made already for a layout I did a week ago. I also picked out some photos to scrap for a couple challenges, checked my email, got caught up on my message boards (Seriously think I just need to drop 2 of them) & started MP3 conversion of some audiobooks, which doesn't require me to sit here.

I spent my additional off PC time, the past 3 days, pulling the layouts I like out of the stack of Scrapbook mags I have, getting caught up on the past 2 months of Gourmet magazine & have started read re-reading Anne Perry's Pitt series. (I hav a couple on audio) I have also cleaned out the boys' toys & have a stack to donate.

Today I am going to try to get one layout done in small bursts. I've worked out what I want it too look like, what quote I want to use & what kit. I'm just not sure about the effects & fonts & I'll have to actually see them in action to decide. It's just so hard to get up 20-30 minutes into something if you are not finished. I need to plan out segments. First one will be positioning everything. Second one will be color & effects. Third will be fonts. Hopefully none of thsoe will take more than 30 minutes, since I already have a good idea of what I want to do.

I have a chat tonight I need to be at. It's an hour & I think I can mange that if I get up every 10 minutes or so...maybe I can borrow DH's laptop & sit in my recliner. I wonder how much work he'll have to do tonight?

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