Sunday, February 05, 2006

I haven't done a new layout in a week. I'd've thought with SM being down I would have taken advantage of the time & gotten on it, but no. I instead posted a bunch at DSP and decided to stop lurking at DigiChick, plus got caught up at SBB. And I had to finish the primary mini kit for 1hour. Then there is the drama on the fertility/parenting board I frequent that I wanted to keep up with. Plus I agreed to write a tutorial for PSP for 1hour & my back has been acting up so shame on me for not making better use of my time on the computer since my back limits it.

DH is going out of town for the week tomorrow. This does not mean more scrap time for me. It means I am single parenting & will be so exhausted from the 5:30-6am wake up, with no break until bedtime at 8pm (unless Havoc surprises me & naps) that I will not get any scrapping in. I have to finish my contribution to the group kit at SM & do the preview by Tuesday & then I have to finish the tutorial, oh and then there is the DSU homework. I'm taking this coming weekend & just scrapping. He owes me.

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