Monday, March 27, 2006

Recent Developments

I've decided to combine my food & craft blogs because cooking is crafty & I'm not keeping up with 2 blogs well. So there will be menus & recipies here as well as my craft stuff. I've got comments set to allow everyone with moderation, but I never get comments & I don't know if that is beacuse I have it set wrong or I have no visitors. I'd appreciate if a visitor who could not leave a comment would email me & let me know or leave the comment if able.

I'm working on a new blinkie about this blog for my sig in the various forums I frequent. I've also figured out how to make this a 3 column blog. So as soon as I get my slideshows made I'll be adding them to left side here.

I got my new Wacom Graphire 4x5 tablet today. Plugged it in & it seems to be working fine. I hope to be able to do some real experimenting with it sometime this week. But I need to get a USB multi-port hub first. I have a camera, Ipod, 2 scanners, digital mouse & now the tablet, all fighting for the 2 USB ports on my PC.

I have completed 2 quick page sets for 1hourscrap & have them uploaded. I've got a 3rd done but its still in PSP format & I know what I want for the 4th set & with luck I will have both uploaded by tomorrow night. (Got sidetraked by first the site blinkie & then the 3 column issue or I would be done). Then I just have to do the 3 word art pieces.

I need to work on the posting prize for Thursday's Mommy's Choice Crop.

We're having gnocci with pesto for dinner. It's not on the menu but I saw it in the grocery store today & felt a desire for it. DH loves gnocci & it is such a pain to make from scratch..I once again forgot to get ground beef.

These are the 2 quick page sets I have just uploaded. They are available at

Warm Dots

Cool Dots

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Maggie said...

I love your ploppers, Stacey. I checked out the website they are posted to. Can't wait til it opens and I can see what all is going on there.