Sunday, November 19, 2006

5 accomplishements of the past week

1. went to the gym 3 times & did all my cardio each time
2. won the big prize at Bunco and then one the dollar game afterwards, almost $50!
3. finally made the dinner reservations for Thanksgiving
4. steam cleaned the living room carpet (would not have needed to do if I had been paying more attention to my 2 year old, he poured peanut butter all over them while I was catching up on a message board)
5. finished all my reading - all 19 Eddings books, plus 4 by Quinn Fawcett and another 4 by Robert Lee Hall. I am now ready to go back to scrapping.:)


Tink said...

Can we trade weeks? Pleaaaseee!!!!

Glynis said...

That's a lot of reading, lady! I'm impressed...but I'm looking forward to seeing some great layouts from you!

Beth said...

phew, that is a LOT of reading!!
I read your reviews below and I'm going to have to check some of them out. They sound right up my alley!