Sunday, December 31, 2006

2 days in the car

I am so glad to be home! We drove 1100 miles over 2 days, home from my folks. 14 hours one day and 7 the next. It took us 8 hours to get out of Florida. It took us 3 hours to cross the 100 miles of Georgia. Once we got off of I95 though things cleared out. We'd been in non-stop bumper to bumper traffic for 12 hours when we finally got on I26. Everyone was wound up. The boys did watch a number of DVDs but naturally they got bored & the usual "He's touching me" "He's bothering me" went on, plus a few hundered "are we there yet?"s. We stopped every couple of hours to let everyone get some air & exercise. Both of them napped a bit & so did DH. DH & I listened to Scandal Take a Holiday, which is fortunately 14 hours long. We all ate too much junk. I forgot the insulated pack of apples, bananas & juice at my mom's & none of the places we stopped had decent looking fruit (except the large bags of oranges, which we had no room for). Apart from juice & some apple dippers at McD's last night I don't think any of us ate anything remotely nutritious for 36 hours.

Being the obsessive tidier I have become, I had to unpack all 4 suitcases before I could eat my lunch/dinner. (We stopped for Chinese take out just before we got home at 3p). Then I had to find homes for the boys new toys. NOw DH is watching football, the boys are playing & I am going to go read

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