Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blog Hop

It’s BlogHer this weekend in Chicago. I’m not there, again. I’m ok with that. If it were less than 3 hours away & I wasn’t there I might be a bit grumpy at whatever circumstances were keeping me away. But I hate to fly & Chicago is way way too far for me to drive all by my lonesome (or worse, with the little demons along)


But I am not alone in my non-BlogHerness. There are at least a few hundred of us. Check out Blog Hop ‘09 hosted by Robin at Pensieve for a list that you too can join to visit others experiencing the same lack of BlogHer you are this weekend.

If you are visiting me from BlogHop then WELCOME!

I am Stacey, aka ComfyMom. I am a just turned 42 year old mother of 2 young boys, known online as Havoc & Mayhem and affectionately (really!) referred to as ‘the little demons’. There are many many dinosaurs in my life. And muffins.

I work from home in a sort of text support position currently. I used to be a data analyst for a large call center & have worked mostly in telecommunications before deciding to stay home when Havoc was born.

I love to read, especially historic mysteries & food and travel memoirs. I also like to crochet but my main hobby is digital scrapbooking, with photography a close second. Every Sunday I take part in Weekly Winners, hosted by Lotus at Sarcastic Mom & show off some of my favorite photos (many including dinosaurs & muffins, often together).

My blog started about my boys in 2004, a few months after Mayhem was born, but as they have grown the blog has started to move toward being about my life. The boys will be in kindergarten & first grade this year and my role in their stories is getting smaller. This is a journal more than it is anything else, a way to reach out to know I am not alone & to meet others and let them know the same.

Thanks for stopping by. If you think I sound interesting & fun (and I am, trust me. Plus I have dinos & muffins and you don't get that combo many places) you could go over there on the sidebar and follow me. Leave me a comment & I'll follow you back. Of you could add me to year reader. There is a button somewhere on that sidebar for that. I'm on Twitter too. That's 3 different ways to increase the dinos & muffins in your life with no increase in clutter or calories. I'd call that a heck of a deal. You should try it.


Too Many Hats said...

Sorry you are not at Blogher. Next year I hear it will be in NYC. Hopefully one day it will be close enough for you to drive on over. I'm not there either, and I am okay with that. I always enjoy stopping by here.

Anonymous said...

Didn't get to go to BlogHer either...not sure if I would like it or not--was never much of a 'party girl' year it is within driving distance of my house but might have to work...Glad to be hopping, though. Although am late to that party! Hope you are having a great weekend.

Aunt Becky said...

(I think I should have BlogHopped instead)

jessica said...

I love muffins. On dinosaurs, I can go either way. Love from nyc!

blp3 said...

Thanks for stopping by to see me at
I am folowing and added you on Twitter. You are a very busy mom.

Sarah said...

Great to meet you!!! The BlogHop has been a blast!! I'm making this short as I'm checkig out the rest of your blog and adding you on twitter :D