Monday, August 01, 2011

Moving along

If you are seeing this then the move to my domain has not yet happened.

But it has been submitted so hopefully in the next 24-48 hours this site will move to my new WP blog!

For a preview check out, without the www.

Like any move, it’s the fiddly little stuff at the end that is the issue. The cleaning stuff, the random stuff behind the dresser you didn’t even know was there until a couple burly guys pick it up and then you are all “Oh THERE is the vibrator I misplaced a year ago!”

Not that that ever happened to me, certainly not when I was 20 & the burly guys worked for my dad.

It was a bong actually.

24 years later I feel I can finally admit to the bong.

I have to shrink up my buttons & recreate my blog roll but other than that & waiting for the domain transfer to go through, I have moved on.

Hopefully my feed will move with me.

If you do visit my new blog please leave me a comment so I know the comment notification is working.

See you there! Hopefully soon!


Rinda1961 said...

Not sure when I'll be able to fess up to the drug use. . . probably sooner rather than later with my 16 year old, since we do discuss those sorts of things. So far, he hasn't asked, so I haven't told.
I was able to comment on the new page; hopefully you'll be able to see it.Rinda

Mary Ellyn said...

My Dad found my sister's bong once when we were helping her move and asked her what it was.  She said it was her centerpiece - haha - your story reminded me of that.

Taming Insanity said...

Moves are stressful but you seem to have a delightfully light attitude towards yours. How refreshing.

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