Friday, September 15, 2006


I'm really bad at this sort of thing. I had to go to

S - silly
T - tolerant
A - ambiguous
C - complex
E - easygoing
Y - youthful

I guessed correctly & did not make Round 3. Oh well, I don't have to think about giving up my paying job at now. I would have if I made the DET but it would have been hard to do.

I've been flitting about, and (Digitals). They all have great challenges. Digitals wants you to use their stuff & I have nothing by anyone there. You can still do the challenges but you are not eligible for the prizes. They have some good sales right now but I have so many kits I bought in the past 6 weeks that I haven't used I can't justify buying more at the moment. Maybe next month.

this is my latest layout


loonyhiker said...

Sorry you didn't get to round 3 but know that i love to look at your layouts! As for your words, I love the word ambiguous, it sounds so...impressive!

Tink said...

Excellent list. And I, too, am sorry you didn't make it to round three. Judging from you great layou here, you should have.

Bonnie said...

Sorry that you didn't make it, don't feel down, it doesn't mean your lay outs are not good enough! They are lovely! And as long as you had fun doing it, that is all that matters! Yes, you do sound like a complex person-and interesting! good list of words.

Glynis said...

I used too, and I guess that was the best word I found for 'y' too :). I'm sorry that you didn't make it into the next round, but I also have the dilemma that I will have to quit all my other CTs if I make it. And I LOVE this latest layout--adorable!