Friday, September 22, 2006

been sick

I've had sinus problems starting Saturday. By Wednesday I knew it wasn't allergies but a sinus infection. So I went to the doctor. I have a history of bad sinus infections. She checked me out & the verdict was sinus infection & bronchitis. Bronchitis? I'm not coughing. Nevertheless I have both. These were the two illnesses, individually & combined, that kept me sick for nearly all of 2004. She put on a mega dose of amoxicillin and gave me a second presecription of something else (can't recall) and said if I was no better in 2 weeks toget the 2nd prescription filled. Lovely. As soon as DH came home Wednesday night I went to bed. I felt like someone had stuck a knife under my left cheekbone and I had begun to cough and ache and sweat and have chills. Flashbacks to 2004. About 9pm I told him that if I still felt this way in the morning I would need him to stay home. At 6am I tried to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and the left side of my head exploded in pain when I lifted it off the pillow. So DH stayed home and I stayed in bed, moving as little as possible. Eventually I suppose the amoxi started to do it's job. The fever, chills & coughing subsided by 6pm. My head still hurt if I moved too much but the pain was less. Today my head hurts if I bend over, so I have been doing a lot of crouching to pickup things. I get short of breath & cough when I exert myself a little too much (Carrying a protesting 36lbs toddler up 3 steps to his room for time out) but I am feeling better. We stayed home today. Later we are meeting up with a friend & her kids to make cookies for the equinox. She's made all teh dough & stuff so I really only have to supervise the boys. DH may take the boys camping tomorrow or at least up to the property for the day so I can get a bit more rest.

I've completed 150 layouts so far this year. This was my scrapping goal. I've scrapped a lot of my 2002-2005 photos, nearly all the 'must scrap this' ones. Though my 'to be scrapped' folder is still quite full. I have a stack of things to be scanned from 1996-2001 but my scanner has been acting up. I think I need to reinstall the drivers. Sometimes this laptop seems to uninstall drivers on me.

I need to upload a few more of my layouts her.

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