Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Civilization has arrived

We live in the boonies. In a low density rural area. Town is 17 miles away.  So it has been 10 long long years since I have had hot food arrive at my front door, let alone have someone other than my husband be the bearer of this lukewarm food.

But all that is about to change...

The somewhat nearby 'general store' has begun making and delivering pizza!  And subs!  And, according to the flyer, they will also deliver GROCERIES!, including wine and beer!  Be still my beating heart!  Pizza AND beer!  Brought to my door! Even subs and a gallon of milk!  MILK, delivered!  Sure they don't sell produce and meat but they have the general bread, soup, chips, dairy things and they will BRING IT TO MY HOUSE!!  Can you feel my glee?!  I called when I got the flyer, before I let myself get all gleeful, just to check on the delivery radius and they deliver in a 9 mile radius.  We live 7.6 miles away.  I know because the very next morning I drove there & measured. (its on the way to my kids school, sorta)  Since then I have been far to gleeful to actually call in anything. Ever wanted something for so long that when you finally get it you have no idea what to do with it?  That's how I feel. Paralyzed by sheer glee.

They only deliver Thursday-Saturday. Last week we already had dinner plans for those nights.  Tomorrow we're going out to dinner & what with the cost of where we are going & the cost of the babysitter, we won't be in a position to order pizza this week.  but I'm thinking next Friday we're getting pizza. DELIVERED.

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