Tuesday, October 02, 2007

what to do with myself

I have all this free time.  A whole 9 hours a week completely childfree.  I feel like I ought to be doing something useful. Something more that surfing the web. I do clean but that takes about 20 minutes,maybe. Im thinking I need to do something that earns money, because having free time while your spouse works is just wrong. I don't really think that, but that is sort of an underlying thing...I *should* be earning money again or I should be doing something to get me on the path to earning money in 2 years when the kids are both in school full time.  I suppose if I was spending the whole day scrubbing the floor on my hands and kneed or washing the clothes in a bucket with a washboard & mangle I'd feel differently.  I'd be *working*.  Right now I am killing time. I suppose I should get some of my folks stuff up on eBay and reapply for my work at home phone agent job.  I used to work in telecom.  I was a call routing specialist.  It was a good job. Techy but not geeky.  Interesting, challenging & something you could walk away from at 6pm.  I've always liked that in a job.  But a 9-6 job just isn't in the cards for me for another decade or so.  So it is time to start over, rescript my role yet again.  What do I want to be this time? Home appraiser? College professor? (I have an MA) Go work in retail for the discount? decisions decisions......

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