Monday, May 19, 2008

Driving me crazy

The problem with living in the middle of nowhere is that it is a very large area. And I live at just one end of it. The middle of nowhere covers a large area.  I have to drive to the middle of the middle of nowhere on Thursday. I am a mere 20-25 minutes from somewhere. The place I am going is 50-60 minutes from anywhere, including my house. According to Mapquest there are 3 different ways I can get there, all of them taking about 55 minutes.  Should I then wish to go somewhere else, it will be another hour to get there, unless I wanted to go to the somewhere near my house, in which case it will only be about 40 minutes. But I can go to the somewhere near my house any time & can't imagine killing a morning there.

The boys' school Field Day is Thursday. It runs from 8:30 to 12:00 and while parents are welcome to hang around it isn't required. If I stay I know I will quickly find myself being a parent 'volunteer' and I really don't want to be one. Really. This is one of those situations I really really am no good in. Stick me behind a table at the consignment sale, tell me to make things for a bake sale, just for the love of God, don't put me in charge of children. I can manage my own kids but responsibility for other people's kids stresses me out.  I have a problem with 'failure to pay sufficient attention'. My kids have adapted to that, other kids have not.  Even if all I have to do is make sure no one falls in the 'fishing pool' and drowns, it's all too much. So it is imperative I don't hang around. But drive another hour? I may as well go home. Even then, I have 3.5 hours and 2 of them must be spent traveling. It's not worth the cost of gas to go home & sit around for 90 minutes. But 90 minutes is probably not long enough for the errands I was hoping to run elsewhere.

This place is a baseball park behind a teeny tiny airport outside a middle of the middle of nowhere town. The town doesn't even have a coffee shop or wifi. I could kill 3 hours in a coffee shop with wifi if I brought my laptop along. I'm not sure where I could even find a coffee shop with wifi in a 30 mile radius.  Leaving it entirely likely I will be in charge of the fish pond. 

I hope nobody drowns.

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