Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summer jobs - why can't I have one?

Oh yeah. I have kids and no viable childcare options. I also have a small car.  I really want to help out a friend & watch her 5 month old for the summer. I would love to have a baby in the house. Especially one that won't keep me up all night. 10 hours to play with a baby (and feed, comfort & change a baby, I'm under no illusions here) and then hand the baby back! Sounds perfect!

Except I would be stuck in the house, all day, 5 days a week from 8 to 6. I could go anywhere.  I have no issues taking 3 kids to the library or Wal Mart, especially when one can be put in a sling. My problem is the car. My car can't hold 3 car seats. If the boys were in those 'bottom part only' boosters I could manage an infant seat or rear facing seat in the middle. But the boys are still in their CarGos with about 55lbs and 10 inches still to go each before they grow out of them. So because I have the car I have, I can't have a job.

I tried this thought out on DH who gave me a very peculiar look.

"You've adamantly avoided watching other people's kids for almost 6 years now.  Yet suddenly you are being deprived of meaningful employment watching other people's kids because of your car?"

Think I might be trying to justify a new car?  Sadly, childcare will not pay the loan payments on a new car.

I wish there was something I could do to make some money. But everything I find means the kids need care & I'd be bringing home $150 a month after that, or probably not because I haven't figured gas into it. I was supposed to go back to work this fall, with both kids in school. But DS2 didn't get a preschool spot we could afford. So it will be another year before we can start doing some significant paying on our equity loan.  I just find that very frustrating right now. I want a JOB!


Miss Grace said...

Have you thought about delivering papers? Seriously, I know it's normally the job of a 12-year-old on a bike, but you can do it with your kids in your car in the wee hours of the dawn, and it can be a nice income suppliment since you don't have to worry about childcare.

Swistle said...

I love Miss Grace's idea! If you get a relatively local route, you could even all walk it! Exercise! Fresh air! Gainful employment!

Alex Elliot said...

I really wish I could fit three car seats in my car so I could carpool.
A co-worker on my husband's who's an engineer insists that we can. Apparently she and her husband measured all the carseats at Babies R Us and figured out how to get three in their car for their 3 kids.

maria said...

What about Pampered Chef? I started doing it as a stay-at-home mom who needed to get out of the house and it pays my (hefty) grocery bill every month. I do about 4 shows a month, and about half of them just involve people ordering online - your commission is the same whether its a "live" show or not.