Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cookies, Jeebus

We are perhaps overstocked in the cookie department.

We have/had 4 dozen of these (they were made this weekend and I haven’t recounted what is left)


Yesterday morning the boys & I got together with my friend Mel & her kids and made 8 dozen of these, which we split between us


Last night DH made 4 dozen of these (some of which he took into work for his coworkers)


Oh, and Monday he made this



Here is the problem.

It’s just us this Christmas. No one is visiting. We are going no where. Just us and the sugar.

Until New Year’s Eve when we are having a party.

But that is 8 days from now.

8 days!

I’m thinking of taking bets on whether there are any cookies left for the party


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Looks like my kitchen! I'm going to rectify the problem later today, though, and take cookies around to some of the neighbors.

Kathy said...

Ruh-roh. You're gonna need a lot of willpower for that long! I know I'd have to give them away if it was just the hubs and me. Like first family, then neighbors, then complete strangers on the street, assuming they'd take 'em.

I'm so impressed you made so many dozens. Good luck!

Too Many Hats said...

Those cookies would be long gone before New Years in this house. They all look delicious. I love the airplane cookie the kids made.

Photographing Mom said...

That fudge looks yummy. Any chance of a recipe?

helena said...

lol just sorted through all the food we've bought and prepared for the next few days and there is way more nibbling food than meal food - way, way more

Cheri said...

Eight days - nope. There won't be a cookie in sight inside of six and you'll be baking again for the party! At least that is how it would be around here.

ptooie said...

urgh... I'm still on such a sugar high from work today those pictures made me feel a little woozy. A supervisor & his wife went overboard baking, so he brought tons of cookies in for everyone, then one of the vendors dropped off a tray of chocolates. Oh yea and before the chocolates came I had chinese food. and now I'm having a beer.

Good luck with the willpower! I know I don't have any!

SciFi Dad said...

Wow. I'm coming to your house for Christmas (well, not really... I mean, it's not even on Google Maps or anything, so how could I find it?)