Thursday, December 31, 2009

The year that was

I recap in data. I’m a data geek & I like having numbers. It’s easier for me to grasp than prose.

Statistics for 2009

Photos taken – 6089 (holy crap!)

Times I said “Leave your brother alone” – 4,988

Times I said “Back away from the TV” – 4,635

Times I said “What did I just say?”  - 4,631

Photos tagged – 365 (I only had one tag but I used it religiously)

Days I had Cheerios & coffee for breakfast – 361 (It’s not monotony. It’s regularity)

Nights I had to be medicated to sleep - 341

Meals planned - 260

Blog posts written - 228

Layouts scrapped – 178

Meals actually made from the plans - 157

Books read – 98 (missing my 100 book goal by 2)

Books reread – 63

Body Pump classes taken – 58

Audio books listened to - 36

Crochet projects finished – 14

Slices Di Carlos’ pizza eaten – 10 (I wish it were more)

Cats currently being fed by us - 7

Times my internet tower collapsed – 3

Fillings lost – 2

Bewb squishings – 1

Comments left on my blog – too many to easily count. Thank you all for being in my life this past year.


helena said...

what did you have for breakfast on the other 4 days? New Year greetings from another number geek

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great list! I especially like your first five and last one!

glitterbygrammie said...

A great list. Happy New Year

Too Many Hats said...

Come on, pick too small books and knock those out today, so you can reach that 100 goal :) Great list! Happy new year!

Crystal said...

oooh! What a cool recap!! Looks like you were busy this year! LOL!

Traci said...


Love this Stacey!! So funny!

Heather Greenwood said...

how fun... what a great list!

Lizzie said...

That's some list! I wish you all a very Happy and List-filled New Year!

scrappurple said...

That is funny!

SciFi Dad said...

Damn, I should have saved my stats-based post for year end instead of a Christmas recap.

Creative Junkie said...

OK - this made me laugh! Bewb squishings??

Happy new year!

Madge said...

oh i love lists. i just heard there is an exhibit somewhere in paris that is all about lists. sounds like heaven to me.....

98 books in a year -- very impressive

Momstart said...

WOW, those are some crazy numbers you keep track of

Momstart said...

WOW, those are some crazy numbers you keep track of