Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Potluck


School has been out for 1.5 days, not counting weekends. My brain is already fried.



I twice tried to make buttercream icing this week. The recipe is here. Maybe I over beat it, maybe the butter was too soft or the flour mixture too thick. Or maybe I just have no clue what real buttercream icing looks or tastes like. I know what Pillsbury icing tastes like and the lard/Crisco heavy icing that you get in bakeries. Possibly I am making perfectly fine buttercream icing & just don’t know it. But it seems grainy not creamy. I’m blaming this on my foremothers who started buying premade icing as soon as it was available. Had they made buttercream icing I would be familiar with it & know what was wrong with mine.



Both boys are signed up for the summer reading program at tiny library and have already checked out 3 books each. We sign up at larger library next week when their program starts. They have different themes this year so the activities are all different.





I got a new cell phone this weekend. DH’s phone has been dying for months but he’s been dithering about it all this time. One might even say he was being rather feckless about it. It finally dropped dead this past week while he was on the job site 16 hours a day. I’ve been wanting an iPhone & am 3 weeks away from upgrade eligibility but he wanted a phone that was on Verizon. After visiting both phone stores he went with Verizon. We both got Motorola Droids. I’ve been loading mine with apps & music. I’m still trying to find a music player app I like. I wanted an iPhone for the music & web features, so I could stop carrying an mp3 player. I’m not 100% sold on this phone but I do like it.



This weeks word from the word jar is malfeasance, which means misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official. It might be a bit tricky to use in conversation. It’s bound to start a political argument unless I am certain the person to whom I am speaking agrees with my opinion.  I’m sure I can come up with a sentence about the oil spill that includes malfeasance. I just have to watch who I say it to.



I loaded all my contacts into my new phone. I have 31 contacts. 10 of those are restaurants. 4 are stores. For reasons I don’t understand it bothers me that they have to photo attached to their contact so I had to go download logos and attach them to the contacts. My contact list just looked wrong with those blank spaces in it.


Thanks Holly for hosting Potluck!


Gothamgal said...

Buttercream frosting. I've used the recipe you're using, and I've used the Wilton sanctioned recipe in the cake classes I took--I'm still a personal fan of whipped cream icing. It's marvelous and light, in my opinion. I know plenty of people that like buttercream, though. Good luck. I would suggest cutting back the granule-type items and adding them slowly, maybe.
Congrats on the cellphone. I've got a few friends (and a mom) with Droid phones, and they love them. I'm on AT&T, but I do know that the rates and things are going up--the iPhone may be available on Verizon before the end of the year, so don't fret. LOL.
Have you tried the 'I heart radio' application? It lets you listen to local stations.

Mel said...

I'm sticking to my recipe jar, your word jar sounds too challenging! (And also, my recipe jar told me to make mini cinnamon buns last week, YUM!)

BobbiJanay@Kid to a Grown Up said...

I think I had more then 30 contacts in my phone when I was in High School (I was in High School Rodeo, so I was out late my parents wanted to be able to get a hold of me). I can't imagine having that few contacts. I like the word of the week. I would have to see your icing to be for sure but it is your flour mixture if it is grainy.

Texasholly said...

Impressive use of feckless...

I need to update my phone with actual pics. I have about a kajillion contacts (high percentage restaurants) and a total of two pics...oh, and one custom ring tone for one person because I accidentally pushed the wrong button once and it created the custom tone which is funny because it isn't someone I would seek out for a custom ring.

Thanks for potlucking!

SciFi Dad said...

My wife has a buttercream icing recipe that isn't grainy... it uses powdered sugar, not regular though... and unsalted butter. I'd post a link to a recipe, but I can't find it on her recipe blog (there is, however, a good peanut butter cream icing, under the cake label). If you're interested, email me and I'll get her to give it to me.

Creative Junkie said...

I would so love an iPhone, but I don't think I can afford the plan. However, Verizon has increased their monthly rates as well, so maybe it's a wash by now. I'm eligible for an upgrade next February and am thinking about what kind of phone to buy.

And OMG, we're one week away from school being out here. Groan.

Darcy said...

I'm jealous of your droid - simply green. We haven't been able to justify the price of going up to a more serious phone than our pay as you go throw aways, but I want one BAD! LOL

Darcy said...

Man - I'm jealous. Green. Envious. I want a Droid. Want one badly, but can't justify the cost for us as we have no real need. Our throwaways will have to do for now, but I'm droolin' :)

Carrie said...

Fun on new phone! And I LOVE Buttercream but haven't tried to make that way yet - so no advice to offer on that front, lol.

Ptooie said...

My favorite icing from our family involves CoolWhip & vanilla pudding. Haven't nagged the ratio from my aunt though.
Yay! You used feckless!

lois_houston said...

I love my Droid! It takes a little getting used to - it took me a couple weeks - but now I love it. It's like having a mini laptop everywhere you go.
Try searching for bTunes on the marketplace on your droid. It is an iTunes lookalike program - I use it for listening to music and like it.