Monday, June 21, 2010

Potluck Monday


I drank a lot of wine this weekend, so random is really good for me today. I’m not hung over or anything, just sort of weary in that you spent the weekend drinking alcohol in the hot sun way of being weary.


DH was on site all week. Meaning he left the house at 6:30am and came home around 10p. Dinner was soup and sandwiches with your choice of raw broccoli or raw carrots.

All week long.

It’s hot and my most appreciative eating audience was absent so my effort level was absent too


boysThe boys want super hero capes. Mayhem had a Batman cape I made him out of a small black triangle shawl, but Friday he decided he wanted to have pointy ends like Batman’s & rather than asking me for help & he took some scissors to it with predictable results. So we found some fabric yesterday & this week I’m going to make him a pointy Batman cape & Havoc a Robin cape




I’m still sorting apps for my Droid phone. I download 4 or 5 apps that do the same thing & the fiddle with them & delete all but one. Unless I forget to delete them & then two days later can’t recall which one I wanted to keep. The double Twist music software was working fine but now it never wants to sync up right & that is beyond irritating right now. If I have to use Windows Media Player I am going to scream. I loathe Media Player



The ever changing pile of chick lit mysteries is still going. I’ve been lucky with most of my choices. The only real dud series for me so far has been the Hannah Swenson series by Joanne Fluke. The first book was good, but I have come to hate or at least seriously dislike most of the characters by book 5 and have given up on it. I have a whole review post on them I hope to get up soon. But I’m loving the Meg Langslow series by Donna Andrews



Ever wish you could just reach into the pages of a novel and throttle someone? I’d have been committing fictional homicide right & left this week were it possible. And I think I could get off on an insanity plea where Amelia Peabody is concerned. Why her family hasn’t bumped her off is beyond me.




The word jar has given me slatternly as the word this week. It means being slovenly, dirty or untidy & is usually applied to women.

I don’t know how I am going to manage to use it in a sentence & remain friends with anyone. But we’ll see how creative I can be.


Thanks Holly for hosting Potluck!



Texasholly said...

I have definitely wanted to commit fictional homicide...that is genius.
We have been through a cape phase here, but since I am not very crafty they have had to use the kings robe as a cape which looks really nice when paired with underwear.

Thanks for potluckin'!

SciFi Dad said...

I did the same thing with specific app types on my iPhone. What I did to combat the forgetting part was pit two "against" each other for a few minutes, then delete one. Eventually I was left with one (sometimes I ended up with two that have complimentary features... like the World Cup apps I'm using right now: one gives me real-time scores, but no group rankings and history; the other updates at the end of games but gives me standings and results history sorted by date and group).

Darcy said...

Stacey - have you read the Susan Wittig Albert China Bayles series? I haven't read her in a long time and am getting back into them.

Andrea Chamberlain said...

Can you make me a supermom cape? One that is capable of flying me to two places at the same time? On opposite sides of town?

DawnMarch said...

I'm looking forward to you book reviews as I like chick lit mysteries too!

Helena said...

now you've named it I realise I am guilty of attempted fictional homicide several times. I'm loving your weekly words

LizzieMade said...

This is a great little selection of randomness... I loved it! Batman cape eh? We had (have?) a whole Batman outfit here somewhere (though I think it would be too small for your boys, else I'd offer it - it's about age 3 size). I love your "Fictional Homicide" - have heard others say similar about Amelia Peabody... Also love the Word for the Week - "Slatternly" is an excellent, old-fashioned word. But yes, you do need to mind how you use it (and it definitely couldn't apply to you... unless you have one sneaky, secret, scruffy habit?).

Mel said...

You can call me slatternly if you like. Hey, compared with your efforts in your next post which I read first because I'm catching up backwards, I am _definitely_ slatternly! (Still proud of my gleaming sink though...)