Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Word-ish Wednesday

Have I shared Havoc’s latest hair cut with you?  I don’t think I have. It was all his idea. My contribution was to drive him there & pay for it.

And to put it off for as long as possible


Obviously we couldn’t get it done until AFTER the family photos in Wheeling.

And it had to wait until after we had been to the beach because we have so very few beach photos & the scrapper in me didn’t want the hair detracting from the beach setting.

He wanted an Airbender type hair cut, or a mohawk if the arrow was too difficult.

Obviously, given that it isn’t a straight arrow it was sort of a challenge.

He’s never watched the Avatar Airbender cartoon series. Nor has he expressed any interest in seeing the movie.

He just thought the hair was cool.

And I thought “Its just hair. Its the most expendable & constantly renewing part of the body.”

And I thought “He’s 7. It’ll be cute. Colored mohawks are sort of a right of passage for the 6-8 year old male set locally”

And I hoped “This means we get the goth/emo posure crap of the way now right? We don’t have to deal with the ‘statement’ hair when he is 15 now. Been there, done that. Right? “


Oh you so wish it were so Mom.


SciFi Dad said...

You know, if you extended it forward a little and narrowed it, his head would look like a clone trooper helmet.

Mel said...

Oh my..... Bless him!!

At the moment The Girl wants her hair cut short (we've compromised on a bob) and The Boy wants to grow his long. *sigh* I'm sure my kids are the wrong way round!!

veronica lee said...

OMG!!! It's UNIQUE!!

Happy WW!

Caroley said...

Marvellous hair cut. If you can't have a blue arrow on your head when you're seven, then what's the world coming to? :-D

And those photos will make excellent scrapbook fodder.

Mojo Mama said...

You are a BRAVE mom... My oldest son told me that he wanted a multicolored mohawk. I thought about it VERY briefly and then told him no. But he's 4... maybe I'll be a little more flexible in three years. Does he still like his haircut?

Carrie said...

lol. cool. I hear ya - try not to sweat the clothes and hair, it passes...well I don't know what color my 21's will be next I guess. ;)

Comfy Mom said...

Yes he still likes it even though most of the color has faded from swimming & being in the sun

Comfy Mom said...

yeah, unique is the word. :)

Andrea Chamberlain said...

I actually think it looks kind of cool. But then again, it's not my kid. That's one of the perks of having girls ... I can't see either one of my girls shaving off half their hair and dying the rest of it blue.

**knocking on wood**

semislackermom said...

You are a nicer mom than me!