Sunday, October 01, 2006

Buddhism for Mothers Ch 1

4 Noble Truths
There is suffering
Attachment causes suffering
Suffering can end
There is a path to send suffering

As mothers we understand there is suffering in life; and we have experienced a truer love. Through loving a child we deepen our capacity to be a loving person for others as well.

Buddhism teaches compassion for all living beings & that must include ourselves - don't waste energy on feeling guilty & self-recriminations, just be aware & pay attention. Be gentle, patient & persistent with all you do.

Be self-aware, be in the now

The 8 Fold Path
1. Skillful Understanding - seeing life the way it is
2. Skillful Thought - being serious about Buddhist practice

3. Skillful Speech
4. Skillful Action
5. Skillful Livelihood
Speak & act in a way that shows compaasion & kindness to others. Path to wisdom requires living ethically

6. Skillful Effort
7. Skillful Mindfulness
8. Skillful Concentration

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