Friday, October 20, 2006

Tell us five things you plan to accomplish this weekend

1. Drive an hour to return the cell phones we bought last weekend & cancel the service
2. Start over with new cell phones with a different company.
3. Not lose my mind while dealing with the cell phone fiasco and 2 small boys (yeah,right)
4. Find the source of the cat pee smell in the living room (it has to be the sofa or the carpet but while the air around them smells like cat pee, neither of them actually smells like it)
5. Do the Mission Possible assignment.

Really the only thing I am looking forward to is the mission possible assignment. I'd gladly pay large sums for someone else to deal with the other 4.


Anonymous said...

Think I'll pass on the first 4, thanks anyway! LOL Good luck with getting the LO done :)

Tink said...

Same here. Still all in all you had a better weekend than I.

Karen said...

But think how happy you'll feel when you find the source of the cat pee smell.

Meg said...

Um, ick, no thanks. But I hope it worked out for you!