Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the future in my present

Havoc got a CD game in his kiddie meal at Chick Fil A. leap Learning or Learning Leap... something.. It's purported to be educational but all i see it teaching is how to use a mouse properly. And that is fine with me. Work on those motor skills and hand eye coordination. There are some drawing type things and a game kind of like Super Mario where you have to climb around & find things & you get splatted with paint if you aren't careful, plus 2-3 others. You get points for things and exchange the points for parts to build a carnival. So we finally got a working power cord for the 8 year old laptop we got from my parents and I was able to set the game up for him (Because I am *not* sharing my computer). he plays the painting thing for a while and then switches to the Mario type game... 45 minutes later I call him for dinner and I hear "I'm in the middle of my game now Mom!" And suddenly the future opened up before me. I have 14 more years of this response to look forward to. So I went into the living room and told him that when dinner is ready you save your place, turn off the game and come to dinner. Then I guided him through doing that. maybe if I am on top of it now it won't be a problem down the road.

at least that is what I am telling myself

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