Sunday, August 12, 2007

the week that was

Oh my god it has been hot! HOT HOT HOT and humid as all hell. Thursday here was declared the hottest place in the nation and that didn't take the humidity into account.

Fortunately the A/C problem in my car was a simple case of neglect & not actual damage. it just needed fluids. so I have A/C there again. I suspect the problem with the house A/C is somewhat more significant. The filter is clean, which is the main neglect issue. I can see no place to pour any fluids. But the monitor has flashed 'trouble' twice this week and it has stopped blowing cold air, just the fan works. First time I took out the filter, hosed it off, let it dry, replaced it and flipped the breaker off & on (what I'd been told to do by the installers). It came back on worked fine for about 48 hours & then 'trouble' again. Flipped the breaker again & it's been working for almost 3 days now. I think there is a problem with the thermostat. I've long thought that. I have it set to 78 and I am FREEZING! I don't think I should be freezing at 78. So now I have it at 80. That seems to be the humidity break point. At 81 it's a bearable temp but the humidity is too high & it;s clammy. But I really think it is about 75 in here. I have the same problem in the winter. I should not be cold at 72, but if it is actually 68 that would make sense. but you can't just go buy a new thermostat for this 'water furnace' that we have. You have to get a special one & it's the same kind & no money back guarantee if you have the same problem.

I'm listening to a book called A Mortal Bane which is a murder mystery set in 1100's England, during King Stephen's reign. The main detective is a whore. And the word whore appears quite frequently as a result, not so much as an invective as a statement of fact "Yes I am the Whoremistress at the Old Priory Guesthouse." "Well, we can't accept just the word of a whore". Used casually like the word prostitute. I listen to it in the car, so every 5 minutes or so the boys get to hear it too. So far they don't seem to have noticed. I think because it is not said with any special emphasis, they don't realize it has any significance. Like embroidery, tunic, priest and bishop, it's just a word for something they don't know & can't visualize & doesn't seem particularly important.

I had a MOPS newsletter meeting. I'm doing the recipe section again. assuming I stay out the year. It's like when I joined a sorority. I joined a newly forming chapter. We were girls who were in a sorority. After about 3 years we starting getting members who were sorority girls. When I joined MOPS they were moms, who happened to be Christians. Now they mostly seem to be Christians who happen to be moms. And I am not really loving the change in emphasis. They have a theme I can get behind, cocooning, focusing on making your home a sanctuary. I'm all about that. My personal beliefs are all about that. So I think I can work well with this. but 3 of our group leaders are the sort who, if you found a dollar on the street would quote you a bible verse about the blessings of the Lord. That's fine, but it's just a bit much for me on a constant basis and our groups are the basis of our playdates. Plus I think given Drake's school schedule I will be constantly arriving 5 minutes late and having to leave 10 minutes early from meetings and that is disruptive. I'm going to the first meeting, I'll see how the timing works, get a feel for who is in my group & see how it goes. The timing thing will be my biggest issue I think. even if they don't mind me being a few minutes late, I *hate* being late. It causes me all sorts of stress to know I am late. Bunco has gone secular, so it doesn't matter there if I am in MOPS or not.

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