Tuesday, August 28, 2007

school started

Havoc went back on Thursday and apart from initial shyness with the teacher, he had no problems with it. Now on his 3rd day of school he goes in, puts his snack in the bin and starts playing.
Mayhem started today. He's been very up and down about the whole idea. He has periods of "not go to school, mama. not wanna!" and then after talking to him for a bit, out of the blue he'll say "ok, I go to school." So this monring started off with "not going to school". By the time we got there an hour later he'd decided he would go to school. I took him in the class room, the teacher showed him the different play areas. He went over to the rice digging bin. She gave me the paperwork & I turned to where Mayhem was and said "Sweety it's time for mommy to go now" he looks up from the bin absently and says "Ok, see ya later." I did get a hug & kiss out of him but he was so blase about it after the drama. Heck it took Havoc more than a week to reach that point. However the thing with Havoc is - this is just a single experience. Havoc could see the whole 'go to school every day, and on going experience' thing. Havoc has gone to school *today*. It's entirely possible he would decide that means he has now done with it. we'll see how it goes.

What am I supposed to do with myself?

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