Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The gifts are all opened

Havoc got his shiny red tow truck & Mayhem is delighted with his new trains, but the surprising favorites, at least so far, are the games. Mayhem got Ants in the Pants and Hungry Hippos (and damn that game is noisy). Havoc got Chutes & Ladders and Let's Go Fishin'. We've played all those games several times so far already.  They haven't yet gotten into the card games or the Leapster games, but as they are off school for another week, this is fine by me.

They both got Transformers. This is such a boy toy. Mommy had to sit & read the instructions to open them from a vehicle to a robot & then couldn't get them back to the vehicle but Daddy just folded a few things an bingo! Transformers apparently come in different difficulty levels. We have the level just above the boys' actual ability apparently.

I got 2GB RAM for my laptop & a new Vera Bradley purse.  DH got a 6qt professional Kitchen Aid mixer & jumped up electronic kitchen scale.

We had the traditional Christmas chicken nachos for lunch & DH has take the boys to the park to ride bikes because it is 55 degrees and sunny out. I cleaned the living room. Later we will be having lamb roast & couscous & veggies, assuming this cold doesn't knock me on my ass again. The boys had us up at 6:50am. Gifts & breakfast were over by 8:30 and I was back in bed with chills & aches until 10:30. Mayhem has a runny nose & Havoc has a hacking cough. Why do we always get colds for christmas?

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