Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Without supervision

Mayhem spent most of yesterday morning with no direct supervision whatsoever.  I was in bed felled by a doctor given mix of percoset & lunesta and my husband was crashed out on the sofa due to lack of sleep. We had spent about 4 hours in the ER in the middle of the night. I woke up shortly after midnight screaming in pain as my entire torso had repeating muscle spasms. They turned out to be triggered by a rupturing ovarian cyst. They gave me a couple percosets for the pain of the cyst. I asked about the combination with lunesta, because I had taken some around 11pm. They said it would put me to sleep but that's all.  It made me incoherent and sleepy until 1pm.

DH took Havoc to school, leaving Mayhem in the nominal care of his nearly comatose mother. I remember at some point Mayhem coming in the bedroom and telling me he would get me my pants so I could get up & play with him.  I eventually had him bring me a book to read. It was one of those large print, 4 words per page kid books. I'd open my eyes to see the 4 words and be practically asleep by the time I read them. Then I would have to jerk myself awake, turn the page, glance and the next 4 words, and say them before I dropped off again.  DH came home, put on Chicken Run for Mayhem and fell asleep on the sofa.  Mayhem, to his credit, pretty much watched the movie and built a train track.  Oh, he went in the junk room and I heard him rummaging around the kitchen  & dragging things from the playroom into the living room, but he stayed out of trouble.

I dragged myself out of bed around 10:30, hoping that being vertical would help the grogginess (it didn't) to see DH out cold and Mayhem surrounded by track pieces, mega blocks, plastic bowls, trucks and trains, playing happily.  I got him a snack and staggered back to bed.  DH woke up an hour later to pick up Havoc and Mayhem joined me in the bedroom, where I groggily read him a couple more books.  I finally came out of my fog about 1pm, though I stayed in bed the rest of the day.

At dinner time Mayhem was playing in his seat and fell, smacking his head hard the bench. For a little bit there I thought we'd be making our second ER visit in 24 hours but once we were able to see his pupils were dilating & he agreed to take the Tylenol things got better.  He rattles around the house for 4 hours with no one watching & he is fine. However, once under direct observation by both parents for 5 minutes, he slips and cracks his head.  Unreal.

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