Friday, December 28, 2007

new to you video games

We got the kids a Playstation for Xmas.  The original Playstation - from 1999.  Last century's Playstation.  And we didn't actually 'get' it for them, unless you count 'digging it out of the storage closet where it has lain since 2003' as 'getting it'. 

Yep, parents of the year, that's us.

Ok,it wasn't an actual 'open on xmas' present. It was a 'hey look here's something to do over the weekend before xmas' thing. The boys love it. They play Jet Moto 3, Madden 2000, a Tiger Woods golf game & some racing game or other.  There are a couple first person shooter games as well but I got a bit huffy when DH played them in front of the boys.  Age inappropriate if ever there was such a thing. 

We decided to take advantage of the window of opportunity we have been given. We borrowed a Wii for a couple weeks in November. The boys loved the games. They are fascinated by video games. We cannot afford a Wii, assuming we could find one to buy and if we did buy the Wii we couldn't afford the games. We do own a working 8 year old gaming system & a stack of games.  The boys want to play games. They are not old enough to know the difference between a new Wii and an old Playstation or to prefer one over the other. Next time we won't be so lucky. Eventually we will have a Wii or whatever the hot new game system is. Right now we are taking advantage of their consumer innocence

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