Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beware the fire ducks!!!

"what's that mean Mama?" asks Mayhem.

"No clue kid, where did you hear it?"

"On TV."

Knowing from experience that a direct question like "Who said it?" would not be answered I resorted to 20 questions.

"Was it a movie or Sprout?" movie

"Was it a cartoon or real?" real

"Did you pick the movie or Havoc?" me

"Was it Thomas or Wallace & Grommit?" Thomas (Mayhem's notion of 'real' is a flexible)

"What was Thomas doing?" chuga-ing

"What had he been doing?" chuga-ing

"Were any other trains around?" Diesel 10 and Lady

At last! A clue!

"Did Mister Conductor or Thomas say to beware?" Mr Conductor

"What happened later?" Diesel 10 fell in the river

oh, ok, now I know what happened.

"Honey, he said 'Beware of the viaduct', which is a sort of bridge. VIA - duct, with a T, not a K. A bridge, not an animal. 'Beware the viaduct', not the fire duck."

"But there were no ducks in the movie Mama." Because once the idea is in his head, there is no changing his mind.

The movie in question is called Thomas & the Magic Engine, I think. We returned it a week ago so I'm not certain. I can however pretty much recite the dialog due to the endless replay. It's an actual movie, not a collection of short episodes, which made it difficult, because quiet time is usually an hour long & each boy gets to pick something about a half hour long (Havoc usually choses the Wii).

Havoc has been choosing Prehistoric Planet, which is footage from Walking with Dinosaurs reedited into half hour shows with Ben Stiller as the narrator. We rented that on Thursday. A bit more graphic that I had thought & I get to hear observations like "Dinosaurs eat blood" and "Oh it killed him!" which are totally in context but disconcerting to hear. I've also been informed by my Christian school educated, heathen child that God made the dinosaurs before he made the people, so they could knock all the trees down for people to build houses. Then the dinosaurs died so they wouldn't eat the people. Does that mean he believes in Intelligent Design?

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