Friday, March 14, 2008

They are registered!

DH took the morning off & accompanied us to school registration. They were registering kindergarten & preschool at the same time, in the same room and there was no way I could fill out 2 sets of forms, stand in 3 different lines and keep track of 2 small boys, who might be taken off for evaluation at any moment. DH had to be there.

He did Havoc's paperwork and I handled Mayhem's and we were out in a hour. Havoc was assessed for 25 minutes. The woman that did it then went over everything with us. She showed us the picture of himself that he drew (including an exact replica of the stripe pattern on his shirt, but minus any hand), the answers he gave to various questions "what is a window made of" (Havoc said metal, but we have sliding glass doors & no windows & have been having issues with the metal frames so it was understandable), his ability to follow 2 step instructions, to cut out shapes, to count (He only counted to 11 but he can count to 100 & was asked to count to 20, apparently he was distracted by the words on the walls and was too busy reading them to pay attention to counting) and the standard alphabet, colors things.  He did very well & is certainly ready for kindergarten.

Mayhem's evaluation was about 10 minutes and he was returned to us without a word. We had to ask him how it went & what they wanted to know. We were given a note telling us what sort of things they were assessing & that if there was a problem or any questions they would be addressed right then. So no news is good news??  Or is it? They only let 40 kids in the program & they are chosen based on who would benefit most from the 'readiness program'. I'm not sure what that means specifically. Havoc ended up 6th on the wait list last year & never got in.

Apparently we will find out if Mayhem gets in by the end of April. BUT! There are 2 classes, a morning & an afternoon. And this year they are considering doing a half year program as well as a full year program. So Mayhem could end up in say the afternoon class of the full year program, going from 1-3:30pm Monday to Friday, September to June. Or he could end up in a morning class in a half year program, going from 8:30-11, Monday to Friday, Feb to June. Or any other combination. All we learn on April 30th is if Mayhem is in the program; we won't know which until the beginning of August. That will be decided by bus routes. If there are lots of 4 years around us that would benefit from full year, we get into that one, etc. Even though I will be driving him & there is no bus involved.

At least they are not asking me for a $75 'waiting list' deposit on top of the $50 application fee, the way a couple of the private preschools are doing.

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