Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The boys have had a cough or runny nose for weeks now. Weeks. Monday it grew into something else. Havoc woke up saying the front of his head hurt, so I gave him some sinus meds & sent him to school. He apparently had the chills at school, but was himself when I picked him up at noon. He was feverish & asleep on the sofa by 3pm. Mayhem was burning up about 6pm but I couldn't find the rectal thermometer & he doesn't really get how to hold one in his mouth. Then Havoc begins shaking with cold in his sleep about 7pm (he's been asleep since 3) and when I wake him his fever is 103.3.  Ibuprofen all around.  Mayhem's fever went down fairly quickly but Havoc's lingered & I think he was scared of what he was feeling. After being in bed about an hour, he came out & lay on the sofa with us & fell asleep there. Mayhem came in our room about 2:30am, his fever returned. DH ended up sleeping in the guest room.  Havoc appeared in our room about 5:30 complaining about his sinus again. Everyone was feverish by 7am. So everyone stayed home from school. They were both listless all morning. Mayhem fell asleep about 11. Havoc asked for mac & cheese for lunch & then vegged out to Cars for almost 2 hours. Both of them seemed much better by 2.  Slight fevers returned just before bedtime & were treated. Mayhem again was up at 2:30am, feverish & in our room. I moved him to the sleeping bag on the floor Havoc had already been up and was laying on the sofa. Both were dosed. And hour later I had to get up & tell them it was not breakfast time, turn off the tv & lights & put everyone back in their beds. Havoc stayed on the sofa and apparently at some point Mayhem joined him & slept on the floor. They were back up at 6am. Both are in school today. Both are no doubt tired. God knows I am.

While all of Monday evening various illness issues were going on, I had a pot of chicken stock cooling on the counter.  I'd made it that afternoon from the carcass of a roast chicken we had on Friday. It smelled delicious & I was just waiting for it to cool a bit so I could stick in the fridge to let the fat congeal before I froze it in 2 cup containers. I totally forgot about it Monday night & left it there. I also failed to notice it for most of yesterday.  So one pot of stock ruined.

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