Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I will let them make their own choices

But I will still offer advice and in the case of 5 year olds insisting on wearing jeans, a heavy hoody AND a jacket outside when it is 96 degrees and sweltering with humidity, I will probably put my foot down and insist they change or stay inside.

Am I stifling their creative minds, that are just beating to a different drummer, or am I saving them from unconsciousness and possible death? Does the one outweigh the other. Judging by what I saw at the park yesterday, I'm guessing it is a matter of opinion.

Seriously, would you let your 5 year old run around an unshaded park in unbearable humidity and burning sun wearing jeans, snowboots, a sweatshirt and a denim jacket because he dressed himself & you didn't want to interfere with his freedom of expression? I've let my kids be seen in public in some decidedly odd outfits because they did the choosing, but I do insist on at least marginally weather appropriate wear. No flip flops in the snow and no snowsuits when the heat index is over 100.

The kid was really grumpy the whole time & looked like he was ready to pass out at any moment, sweat was pouring off of him & he was red in the face.  He was still playing when we left though so I guess maybe I'm just over cautious about clothing.

But I'm still not letting Havoc out of the house in his hoodie and jacket in the middle of summer.

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