Saturday, July 26, 2008

What $4.38 will get you at Target

The boys and I went to Target last night before meeting DH for dinner. They have been hoarding the loose change they find around the house and finally felt they had 'enough monies' to go shopping. Havoc had $1.56 and Mayhem had $2.82. They were hoping for some Legos or Hulk themed toys, or failing that a couple Take Along Thomas Trains. I did explain to them that most things cost much more than the $4.38 combined that they had. I tried to help them understand that they couldn't afford those things, that maybe they should be thinking about things from the 99 cent bins or the $1.99 bins, but they don't trust me to know how much things actually cost. (They don't trust me to know there are no cookies left either and always insist on seeing the inside of the jar) We walked up and down every toy aisle in Target, except the 'girl stuff' one. They pointed things out to me and I told them how much the things cost. They were not at all happy to learn that Mommy was right (and I may as well get used to that now). There was much wailing & whining as my litany of " 14 dollars, 28 dollars, 12 dollars" went on and on. At last we came to the random cheap toy aisle, many of the already cheap toys were even further marked down. We looked at a variety of sandbox toys, squirt guns and various plastic animals before they made their choices.

Here is what you can get for $4.38 at target

48 plastic army menOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

48 plastic knightsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

12 'hand painted dinosaur replicas'OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I'm sure I don't have to mention I am just DELIGHTED to now have 108 more tiny plastic things to step on in my house.

The boys are happy though. They feel they got value for their money.

************Dinner Score************

Friday - dinner at IHop. Havoc had chicken, Mayhem had grilled cheese.

Both ate main meal & ignored fries

Saturday - grilled chicken & sweet potatoes, salad and mac & cheese

Mayhem ate everything (I'm shocked!). Havoc ate mac & cheese and a bite of everything else



mrsbear0309 said...

LOL, army men, knight, dinosaur battle, awesome. The trip sounds familiar. I love Target, but I'm truly over the tiny plastic toys that will be forgotten in a week, the ones that end up under the sofa, or in the sofa, or in the toilet, or in the dog's digestive track!

Annika said...

I must be crazy because I am kind of thinking I need to go to Target...

Swistle said...

They are excellent Target shoppers. You are raising those boys right.

twinmama said...

Ha! I am laughing about the 108 pieces that you are going to step on. Why is it that kids love the little pieces? I step on a hard plastic piece several times a day. Ouch!