Thursday, August 14, 2008

13 Things I am Feeling Grumbly About Right Now

I'm not really in a constant bad mood, right now I am feeling pretty good in fact. It's just been a long week since Mayhem had his tonsils out & I am easily irritated & things just seem to keep popping up. These are the things that have put me out of sorts off & on over the past week

1. Mayhem seems to be taking longer to heal than they said he would

2. I am up 3x a night dealing with a child in pain and am very very tired

3. I'm so over the past 8 years of Bush bashing (I didn't vote for him, I'm just sick of hearing it)

4. I am dreading the coming minimum 4 years of Obama or McCain bashing

5. If I hear one more word about how great/horrible it is the county & city are merging I am going to scream. I don't even live in that county. I really don't care about the issue and am so sick of hearing about it from people who expect me to feel just as strongly as they do

6. The school has had 5 months to tell me Havoc's physical is out of date. Why wait until the week before school starts, leaving me to rush around trying to get a last minute doc appointment when they have all been booked since June?

7. All I want is a copy of the immunization records. Why does the doctor's office always act as if I am the first person ever to inconvenience them so greatly with such an unusual request.

8. My car a/c has a leak in it somewhere but the shop can't find it and I have to pay $60 to be told "We don't know"

9. The main bathroom toilet is leaking. DH has tried to fix it twice but we need professional help.

10. It's been 3 days, not one plumber has called me back.

11. I've run out of ideas for dinner. My brain is exhausted from lack of sleep. The guilt on the recent lack of vegetables is really getting to me.

12. I paid the electric bill on time, in person, I have the receipt but they say they didn't get it so I have to drive all the way into town, with Mayhem, who is cranky from low grade pain, to show them the receipt by tomorrow OR ELSE!

13. The book I am currently reading is not so good but not so bad I'm ready to toss it aside & I find my indecision on it irritating.


Gia said...

lol! you seem to have alot of havock in your life, at least its interesting! lol :)

I saw your son's pic, adorable. My daughter is 3 1/2 and absolutely cute! I have a weekly competion on my blog to vote for who the prettiest and cutest kid is. Come and take a look: jollykidz.blogspot

Good luck with the mayhem!

Christy said...

Isn't it annoying to have all these little gripes build up till you're in a bad mood. Happens to me, too, so you're not alone. I usually sum it up with "I hate other people". Not really true, but easier. :hee:

Kelly said...

i am a libra and i fit the bill as an "indecisive libra". i can't stand being indecisive!!!

Elizabeth Channel said...

So sorry to hear about the tonsil saga. My 6-year-old had his out exactly a year ago, and healing did take longer than I thought.

We had to remove him from a Mexican restaurant about 4 weeks after surgery when a corn chip apparently scratched his still-tender throat. He screamed for 20 minutes non-stop

Just FYI.

Hope things are better tomorrow!

Harmony said...

Sorry things are so rough! Hope it all gets brighter for you quick :)