Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Normal life - Day 2

Yesterday got off to a non-normal start due the nature of my errands and the order in which they needed to happen. I had to go to the school's Open House to see what supplies I was missing before I went to Wal Mart. The Open House was in the afternoon, so I couldn't actually go to Wal Mart yesterday because there was no time. I couldn't go to the gym because it is up by Wal Mart & I don't like running all the way into town for only one thing. This means that my normal Monday morning routine of gym, shopping, library couldn't happen.

The Open House was also a non-normal event. Normally I don't go anywhere in the afternoons. I do housework instead. Open House went well. We met the boys' teachers & saw their classrooms. Both boys practiced finding their classrooms from the front door & did well. They seemed to like their teachers. I felt like I ought to be asking the teachers meaningful & penetrating questions about their classrooms and teaching techniques, but I couldn't think of anything except "What do I do if I need to pick him up early?' Next year I'll use the summer to come up with a list.

Dinner was normal. Normal in the sense that I cooked it from scratch and the boys took a bite & decided they hated it. I made miso chicken sandwiches with sprouts & ginger mayo, so I was anticipating this response.

So far, today has been normal, if longer than normal.  We had Havoc's glasses adjusted. We had to wait around in line for that, which has never happened before. We went to the gym. We picked up a prescription and had to wait in line. That almost never happens. We went shopping at Wal Mart, having to stop in almost every department and maneuver around giant restocking carts all over the grocery section. We stood in one of many long long lines to check out.  These things always happen. We went to Staples and then to Target. We picked up a cheese pizza for lunch. We had to wait for it to cook because they only had pepperoni ones made. That never happens either. We sat in lots of construction related traffic - normal enough.

I'm currently doing laundry & boiling some eggs for dinner. I anticipate the boys won't like it. It's not pizza or corn dogs or fish sticks, so it's not edible. That's normal.

Tomorrow Havoc will get on the bus for the first time ever and go to school. Mayhem still has 2 weeks before he starts. I think we will stay home & finish the housework and make some chocolate muffins for Havoc to have when he gets home.

Nothing says 'normal' like chocolate muffins.


Aunt Becky said...

Normal is fantastic. I seriously strive for "normal" and "boring" in a day.

ChristiS said...

Your kids' taste in food sounds like mine!!

Had to chuckle about not asking the teacher profound questions....if they are anything like me this time of year, they couldn't think up profound answers if they had to, either! :D

Elizabeth Channel said...

See, this sounds like a lovely day to me! No tragedy or sorrow!

And chocolate muffins. Nothing will make a boy talk about a school day more than treats!

Mom on the Run said...

I am with you...there is never a normal day as a stay-at-home parent. I liken my dayjob to an at-work job except I have no control over anything. This summer my kids rule the roost. I had lots of plans and big surprise completed very few. My youngest starts kindergarten on Monday...here's hoping he does well and I get a chance to tackle some long-awaited projects.

Jade, Will and Illy said...

What a great entry! I like how you keep coming back to that common thread of "normal" and what it is or isn't... Normalcy is so out of range sometimes that I have begun to wonder if there really is such a thing in life. :D