Monday, September 22, 2008

Bragging on my fab crochet skillz

That'd be sarcasm, BTW

I finished the amigurumi octopus for Havoc. He chose the rainbow colored yarn for it.


I've been experimenting with how to create different shape effects with amigurumi and I created a bunch of mushrooms while doing it.


Then I decided to focus on making something for a friend to keep the bad energy away and I made this traffic cone


Then I got my hands on some googly eyes and the mushrooms gained some personality.


The traffic cone became an angry traffic cone


I think he is just the cutest thing ever.

The traffic cone came about as a result of 2 things. First I was going to make a witches hat for a little crochet person I had made recently (There is no photo of said person because it seems to have vanished & I am pretty annoyed about that because I never wrote the pattern down & now have to start over) The problem is I really didn't want to do all those close stitches in black (3sc in a circle, then 4sc, then 5 sc, etc - pain in the butt in black yarn & I am over black yarn from the penguin). The other thing was a friend of mine was joking that she calls traffic cones buried safety witches. (witchy humor). Last night those 2 thoughts met in my mind and decided to make a traffic cone & try & square off the rounded hat brim corners. Then I glued on the googly eyes. Cute but it needed something. This traffic cone is a gift for a friend who is dealing with some negative stuff in her life & I figured what better to keep unwanted things away than an angry traffic cone. So I was sitting here thinking I was pretty clever typing this up when it occurred to me I had seen crochet traffic cones before. I googled it and sure enough - Alicia did it first. Hers don't appear to be angry & have different eyes, but it is the same idea. Hers are stuffed & mine isn't but I think the next one I make will use her idea of sewing it to a crocheted square. I wish I had remembered this before I started experimenting with creating a cone on my own. Would have saved me a bunch of time. But I was googling crochet witches hat and not traffic cone.

I'm thinking of selling the mushrooms & the traffic cones on Etsy, along with the little bags that I make.


I'm saving up to buy a D40 camera & every little bit helps, plus I have a huge stock of yarn already so the set up costs were covered long ago. I just need a name. I like The Magical Mushroom or something to that effect but I haven't had time to go out & see what is already & use. Any suggestions would be appreciated


Chels said...

The mushrooms are just too cute!!

Love your projects!

No help on names tho...

jessica said...

Love those little mushrooms. They remind me of something youd see on like Super Mario:-)

As for a name I dont know thought of a few but they kinda suck LOL

Crafty Crocheter

Crochet Mania.

Mushrooms, Cones and Purses - Oh My!! <---love The Wizard Of Oz so that is where that one came from ;-)

HeatherK said...

Love that octopus! Now he just needs a bitty soccer ball to dribble around the cone. ;-) Adorable!

journey2learn said...

Love your crochet projects. They are awesome!

Bryn Mars said...

Hmmm... how about Toadstool Dreamery, Inc. ?

JenniBeanV said...

You're so clever and crafty! I can't even sew a button. ::::Hangs head in shame:::

Mekhismom said...

Oh my goodness! These are so cute. I had to stop and let you know.

Jennifer said...

Your mushroom army is pretty hilarious! Magical Mushrooms - you may get some requests for folks looking for something other then crochet!

Minxy Mimi said...

Very cool!
My mom is like talented!