Monday, September 01, 2008

I had a great idea for a post

But it was midnight and I was in bed, probably overmedicated and trying to get to sleep. So I just laid there & wrote it in my mind.

It was something to do with how I am apparently the only woman in the world not in love with Edward and obsessed with the book Twilight. Really. I didn't like the first book. I read partway into the second and gave up for lack of caring.

I had another great idea for a post while I was making dinner yesterday. It was about my life long love of going out to dinner & how that is the one the guaranteed to make me happy.  My dad was featured in it. But I was making dinner so I couldn't sit down and write it up.

A great idea occurred to me while I was driving the kids home from the park the other day. I was thinking about a friend of mine who told me on Friday, that a girl in her DD's 2nd grade class had a birthday that day and the girl's mom apparently brought in this huge cupcake cake tower, all decorated with hand made party favors, plus she handed out homemade decorated goodie bags & everyone got to put together masks from the pre cut construction & scrapbook paper she brought in. She'd wanted KoKo the Clown to come in and make balloon animals for the kids but the school said no. I said "This was during school???". She nodded and said "Now I have all this stress to come up with something equivalent so my DD doesn't feel left out." Shocked by both things,I said nothing. I came up with a bunch of things to say on the drive home, but I was driving so I couldn't write it down.

I'm thinking I need to figure out how my Zen Vision's voice record function works, my best stuff is all in my mind right now.


Katherine said...

That in itself was a great post, because I do THE EXACT SAME THING. As I am doing the laundry, driving home, perfectly composed posts lay out before me in my mind. All the things I am going to say, all the stories I am going to tell and the eloquent and comedic way I am going to tell them and then I get to the computer and , uh, nada...... filler pictures.
I don't know what it is, I do it in real life to. Think of fantastic comebacks hours later, or even worst I think conversations already had and the ridiculous things I said. Those are the worst.

Jess said...

I know the feeling!! LOL It's like when I'm sitting here it's writer's block but when I'm doing something else not involving the computer great ideas come to mind. :) I think everyone has those days/weeks.

Krystal Hartley said...

Haha...I NEVER think about what I'm going to blog beforehand. Never even occurred to me. Of course, I don't do much in the form of real writing these days anyways.

And about Twilight...Edward is miles ahead in the game over Jacob, but I confess I could barely get through the second book. The Jacob storyline really did kind of bore me...the 3rd book was way better, so I'm glad I suffered through. I still haven't cracked open the 4th book.

._. said...

well I'm not in love with edward or obsessed with those books- and I'm a woman :)).. LOL I've not read any of the books.. the twilight posts make me giggle because I have NO idea what the fascination is LOL.

I totally always forget the things I want to post, write about.. or even say in a conversation-- I think I'm a bit more spacey than you though.. cause I DO usually have the ability to write them down and just zone out for 10 minutes and forget hahahaha

Jennifer said...

I could have so written that! I haven't read a single Twillight book and I'm a big reader. I also "write" when I'm drifting off to sleep, driving, doing laundry...then when I can actually sit down and write...nothing. So irritating!

Monique said...

lol, it always happens that when you come up with your best ideas you're nowhere near your computer to do anything with the ideas.

Dale said...

Wow, I had a really cool comment, but I was to busy trying to get to the comment page that I forgot what I was going to say. Don't worry at 3:00 am I wake up from a deep sleep and remember what I was going to say.

Or maybe I save it for my blog. ;-)