Thursday, January 01, 2009

Starting 2009 off right


This is the Jan 1 photo for my 2009 365 Photo Project

Mayhem, stuck in a tree.

So, which is more disturbing:

A. We left a 4 year old unsupervised out in the yard long enough for him to get the swimming pool ladder from the shed in the background, haul it to the tree, and then climb up so high he can't climb back down.

B. He was farsighted enough to go get a ladder to help him get into the tree

C. Our reaction to his inability to climb down was to run inside and get the camera.


We had our usual NYE party last night. It was DH's 43rd birthday as well. It was too windy to have the bonfire we usually have, so 15 people crowded into the house. The kids took over the larger living room and the adults stood around in the kitchen most of the night.  I whacked the bejeebus out of my knee right before guests started arriving. Slammed it upward right into the sharp corner of my desk. There is a gate around my desk area & I was stepping over it at an odd angle. I seriously thought I'd be heading to the ER there for awhile, but after the initial shock wore off & I could move it again, I realized it was a bruised muscle. I'm still limping but not in nearly as much pain.

Mayhem put himself to bed around 10pm. Havoc made it to about 12:15. I was in bed by 1, I think they made the rest of the kids go lay down about then too. DH and the rest of the adults stayed up until about 2:30 playing dice.

The boys were up at 6:30am. Our houseguests kids followed them about an hour later.  DH dragged himself out of bed about 8 and I followed at around 8:30. Pixie was already up & her DH got up about 10am. We all loafed around & ate strata while the kids played outside. Some other friends came over about 1 or so. The kids ran around inside & out and the adults sat around watching Mythbusters & talking. I made BBQ pizza for a snack. Everyone left around 5 and we've been snacking on party leftovers ever since.

DH has to work tomorrow & then its the weekend.

Then life goes back to normal.


2TooManyHats said...

I would have taken a pic too. I mean he was stuck, not falling :) However, I do think he is a smart one and I would be most worried about B.

Sounds like a fabulous NYE and birthday celebration.

Happy New Year!

~Jamie said...

Trees are the bane of my existence. My posse is forever climbing. Thankfully they are older and have never gotten stuck or fallen or listened when I said NO!!

Creative Junkie said...

holy cr*p, that photo just about gave me a heart attack. If that's how your 1st day of 2009 went ... I'd be really interested to see how the rest of the year goes for you!

Hope your knee feels better!

Paula Constable said...

Great picture. Love your thoughts to the pic, too.

How did you get him down?!

Jenni Jiggety said...

I would have taken a picture, too! LOL!

Sounds like you had a fun party on NYE!

Helene said...

Great minds think alike! I would've run to get the camera too! I could totally see my oldest son climbing a huge tree like that too!

Sounds like you had an awesome New Year's Eve celebration!!!

Hannah Noel said...

HAH. Amazing. I hated when I climbed up stuff and then got too scared to climb back down as a kid!