Saturday, January 31, 2009

This week has been a trip.

I skipped my regular gym & shopping Monday because it was Mayhem’s birthday & on your birthday you get to call the shots (within reason). He wanted to stay home & play Lego Star Wars and we agreed to do the gym & shopping thing Tuesday when we normally stay home.

Then it snowed and we had snow days Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Friday DH calls from the doctors office to say he has walking pneumonia & has been contagious at least 24 hours and will be for at least 24-48 more. While waiting for his prescription to be filled he went next door to the AT&T store and picked me up a new phone to replace my broken one


I finally fled the house today in search of gear for my new phone. None of my ringtones & wallpaper transferred from the old phone (neither did any of the contacts. I love new things, but new things can be a real pain). My new phone isn’t a regular USB plug and I didn’t have a card reader on my laptop, plus the only memory card I had that was the right size was already in use in my pocket camera.

I have memory cards in every size they make –micro to no longer produced large sized, holding everything from 8MBs to 4GBs of storage.

I tried to find an adaptor for the phone but decided a card reader would probably get more use. I also bought a 1GB micro card for the phone.

I’ve loaded a bunch of ringtones on the card, old & new and a bunch of images. Now I just have to sit down and redo all of my contacts. At least this time I’ll have a QWERTY keyboard to type with.

I’m working on a cleaning project & found some interesting stuff I’ll be sharing with as the week goes on.


Jenni Jiggety said...

LOVE your new phone! I hope your hubby is feeling better soon!

Deb@Mommie Mayhem said...

That phone is hot ! Hope your hubby feels better fast !

Too Many Hats said...

Fled the house - great image! I am sure I would have felt the same after so many days at home. I truly hope no one else gets what dh had & that he is feeling much better now.