Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It has it’s uses

We’re getting our satellite tv service upgraded & they need to send a tech out. The customer service rep was trying to get info to help the tech find the place. This is especially important since google maps and mapquest can’t seem to find my house but will take you a place a mile up the road via 2 dirt roads, which are unnecessary since there is a perfectly good paved road leading there (and here for that matter).

CS: what are the cross streets?

Me: ummmm…this is an 8 mile long road that changes names twice and doesn’t actually cross with any paved road while it is called by my street name. Here are some bigger roads (aka, they are trafficed enough to have yellow lines on them) that are in the vicinity. And these are the names of the roads you need to take to get here from there even though they are actually one road. Maybe you should have the tech call me, it’s different depending on whether he is coming from the north or south.

CS: what color is your house

Me: ummm..grass…as in real actual grass.. it has a brick front but the front faces the back of the property so you won’t see it from the road, all you see is a sort of grassy knoll

CS: hmm…so since you are living in an invisible house on a confusing road in the middle of nowhere are there any identifying landmarks the tech can look for?

Me: a 75 foot mini tower in the middle of the yard. He can see it coming from a mile away!


Chef Eureka said...

hehehehhe :) don't you love those tv and cable techs.

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Love those techs!

Too Many Hats said...

That is totally hilarious!

Aunt Becky said...

Bwahahahaha! Oh, how I love you and your stories.

Creative Junkie said...

I know you posted photos of your house at one time, but I'd love to see them again - did you build it or buy it existing? I remember it was very unusual and I can't imagine trying to explain its location to a tech!