Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I bought myself 10 personal trainer sessions for my birthday. At the end of them I had lost 6lbs and an inch at my waist. I had gained inches elsewhere which are muscle.  I have toned & firmed up a good deal. I plan on continuing to visit the gym 3 days a week and do the 30 Day Shred at home at least 1-2 days as well.

My big need is to lose weight and exercise is not going to do that at this point. I need to eat less. So my focus for this month is on my diet, cutting back portions and swapping fatty snacks for fruits & veggies.

So far I could be doing better. It is Wednesday & it will be my first trip to the gym this week. I had cookies for lunch yesterday and Monday’s lunch was brie with grapes.

At least there were grapes.

But I did a quick sweep of  the house & am now lacking my usual stock of fatty foods minus the cookies (DH makes cookies) but I’ve already eaten the slightly burnt ones & I don’t care as much for the ‘properly’ cooked ones so I should be good on that front. I stocked up on fruits & veggies & yogurt. I’m going to make some granola bars.

My downfall is daytime snacking & a lack of lunch plan. I’m trying to get a hold on those things. Only good snacks are available.  I just need to plan some decent lunches. I’m thinking soups. I’m going to make a spinach & beef one today. Hopefully it will make enough to feed me the rest of the week.

I have a goal of 15lbs more gone by mid November. It is perfectly reasonable. let’s see if I can be too.


Creative Junkie said...

See now, I'm the other way around. I'm losing the weight, but I need to concentrate on the exercise. I know it would help me lose weight faster. But man, I just have NO initiative! I'm hoping it will improve once the kids are back in school.

Madge said...

I'm really feeling like my lack of menu planning is a big part of my problem. I walk into the kitchen at lunch-time and just start shoveling junk into my mouth 'cuz I'm to lazy do to anything else. so ridiculous and stupid of me.

Stacie's Madness said...

it can be done. you can do it.

Too Many Hats said...

You can totally do it! Menu planning is certainly a very good idea. Also, just having things that are ready to go in the fridge is helpful. That takes a little prep work, but is super helpful.