Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Canadians don’t ride the bible bus

I’ve mentioned before one of the peculiarities of our local public school system is the bible bus. Once a month for an hour or so, students get out of school and go to this bus/rv/trailer that parks in the soccer field and have Bible Study – with parental permission.  Havoc & Mayhem don’t have permission. While I do take them to vacation bible school every summer for a couple of weeks, I think going monthly is a bit much for a couple heathen kids.

*** I have no idea  if this is normal, common or legal. They have been doing it for 70 years. I assume they would have to allow kids out for my ‘comparative religion van’, with parental permission, if I offered it. I went to a Catholic school in a mostly urban environment in a different state in the 70’s. Rural public school in the 21st century is the great unknown to me.***

I was talking about it at dinner the other night because Mayhem brought a second permission slip for it home. It isn’t a ‘choose yes or no’ slip. It’s a ‘sign if you approve’ slip, so I just never sent the first one back.  Apparently they wanted to be sure I received it. I asked Havoc how many kids in his new class did not go to the bus. Last year it was him and the little girl from his reading group so they had extra reading time during bible bus. This year it is either him and 3 others or maybe just him. He seems a bit confused about when it is. Either way he was given extra recess time, which is fine with him. Then he asked me

“Why don’t we go to the bible bus?”

“Because we are not Christians honey”

“Oh that’s right. We’re Canadians!”


He then asked “Well then what are we?”

“Deists” DH said

“Heathens” I said

“Deepest evens” Mayhem repeated

“Canadian deepest evens” Havoc clarified. “I’ll tell my classmates.”

Another teaching moment gone awry

I have no idea why he thinks we’re Canadians


Too Many Hats said...

ROFLOL - there is no way you kept a straight face through any of that conversation. They do that Bible release time here too, but I think it is illegal for them to park the bus on school property, it is parked outside the school on the street.

Aunt Becky said...


SciFi Dad said...

For the record, there's no such thing as a bible bus in Canada.

(Maybe that's where he got it?)