Thursday, March 04, 2010

Needle & thread again

I finally finished the stuffed dino for Mayhem.

It’s a brachiosaurus


Though it bears a striking resemblance to the Loch Ness Monster in my mind


Attempts at stuffed spikes did not work out as hoped

Havoc wanted a ninja (Havoc always wants a ninja). The sock ninja proved more challenging than the crochet version


Sort of a ninja penguin really. but Havoc loves that he has throwing stars.

I took the opportunity of having  so much stuffing available to fix our very first sock animal, Silly Dog


Mayhem made him in vacation bible school a couple years ago. He’s just a tube sock decorated with spots by Mayhem with a face glued on. I regularly have to reglue the eyes. The boys prefer google eyes to safety eyes or buttons. Silly Dog was initially stuffed with beans, which mean a thorough replacement of beans should he ever get wet. He had a juice cup spilled on him & ignored a few months ago and when I found it I set him aside to be dealt with later. This week I emptied him of beans and gave him a good hot bath in the sink with antibac soap. When he was dry I reglued his parts with washing safe glue and stuffed him with fiber fill. Mayhem loves it! “Now Swilwy Dog bounces instead of flwopping”

Havoc, quite rightly pointed out that Mayhem currently has 3 stuffed toys to his one, so I am working on a sock cat for him and the next time DH buys socks I will purloin one for Havoc to make his own version of Silly Dog. Since he buys the exact same socks every time, one going missing won’t be noticed.

I am still working on my cross stitch project as well


I’ve just reached the halfway point. The finished piece will be about 12”x10”

Does it look blue ish to you? I had my monitors calibrated together but I just noticed that it looks bluer on my laptop monitor than on my flatscreen & I am wondering which has gone off.


humel said...

The Loch Ness Brachiosaurus always was my fave dinosaur :-) Ninja penguins are (as of now) also one of my favourite things! x

PS As far as I can tell, the only blue in the last pic is meant to be there - the thread used for the 'shadows' of the letters? That's a kind of lilac-y blue?

Comfy Mom said...

yes the shadow is a lilac purple. The white canvas has a blue cast to it on my laptop but looks white on my second screen, so it's looking like my second screen is ok

LizzieMade said...

Those are fabby sock animals! J. loves them too, especially the ninja! I like the dino - stuffed spikes are not easy as socks are so soft, but you could try just small "V" shapes with no stuffing, stitched all round, to give structure, then attached to the back of the dino. They should stand up ok. Or use acrylic felt, which tends to be fairly stiff on its own.
I just love "Silly Dog". He is the best kind of sock animal and now he's got soft stuffing, he will be a great pet to play with.
Looking forward to photos of the cat and a Havoc version of "Silly Dog"!

helena said...

fabulous dino, fabulous ninja, fabulous that you are not daunted by such requests and make these things for your boys, fabulous that they make them too. This post has really made my smile this morning and I feel set for dealing with the day. I also sent the link to my Mum becasue she has the big stash of unmarked socks from the family so we might see some interesting sock animals too.

write-brained said...

I SO love the ninja!!

Rinda said...

Love Nessie!

ptooie said...

Color on the cross-stitch looks fine to me...
I am trying to remember where I found googly safety eyes. I think it was JoAnn, but might have been Michaels. Wherever I got them from, it made me feel better about the crochet critters I was giving my toddlers.

TooManyHats said...

I absoultely love the ninja - awesome job! Your cross stitch doesn't look blue-ish to me.