Thursday, March 11, 2010

A photographer’s eye

(very photo heavy post)

Saturday evening I took some photos in the kitchen and absentmindedly left the camera on the table.

Sunday morning, around 8am, Havoc comes in the bedroom and informs me he’d been taking some pictures and the camera wasn’t working any more because it was full.

I had taken maybe a dozen photos. The card holds 351. What did Havoc feel he needed to take over 300 photos of?

Mostly he was perfecting his composition studies of “Cat with Bowl”

First selecting the right angle for the shots



Then getting in close


Followed by some experimenting with the rule of thirds composition



and centering


There was also “Cat Wishing for a Bowl”


“Cat Relaxing”


And the popular “Cat Among the Stuff” series




Cat photos accounted for more than 200 of the photos.

Then there was “Clone Trooper Parking”



(everyone thinks I pose the toys in my 365 photos, but 95% of the time I just photograph what I find, though probably I would have called these Sunbathing Troopers or Clones at the Drive In)

Finally there is the obligatory self-portrait


There were also about 75 photos of Mayhem that I can’t share because Mayhem had removed his pajamas when he woke up.


ptooie said...

Wow... he got some good pictures!
I always enjoy the clone/toys pictures, it's fun to see the creative poses and guess what story went along with the posing.

Rebecca_aka_Mamabee said...

LOL... so cute and he is very good... might be his profession when he grows up. :)

SciFi Dad said...

I'm just waiting for the first time one of my kids does this.

Awesome photos.

humel said...

This made me laught so much!! (Especially that last line!) Talented youngster you've got there :-)

Rinda said...

Love you post today!!! Especially the last two lines - they gave me a chuckle. I never realized you clone pix were "found" and not created - awesome. And your son has quite the photographer's eye.
Thanks for sharing,

Slow Panic said...

i love it! my boys take the exact type of photos. posing the cat and dogs with toys around them and the star wars figure photos. don't get me started. thank god for digital cameras.

Theresa said...

Hee hee heee, pretty funny. He is good!

Lauren said...

OMG "Cat with bowl" that made me literally laugh out loud! tee hee my boys are known to do the same thing... taking the camera and then i find some "interesting" shots.... ;) tfs! xo

Balinda said...

too funny! and he did pretty darn good on that self photo too.

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

LOL That is awesome! He did a great job with his photos!

Creative Junkie said...

Hey - he did some pretty good work there! And actually, yes - I did think you posed some of the photos (like the dinosaur ones and stuff) but I still liked them anyway (still think you should put them in a book) but now that I know you don't - they're all that much cooler!

Siera said...

I love how kids mimick adults. Your cat looks very relaxed and happy. I just want to take her home and cuddle her. I don't think I've been by here before (maybe once?) You must be into your photography. Can't wait to read more.

LizzieMade said...

Hilarious! He certainly knows how to stick at a project single-mindedly, til he's happy with his result! I especially like the "Cat with bowl" series and the "Clone Parking". The self-portrait is a definite "Keeper" - it looks so innocent and sweet.
LOL Mayhem's unpublishable photos in his Birthday Suit!