Monday, March 08, 2010

What’s in the bag?

When I started my 365 project this year I came up with a list  of about 15 things I wanted to take a photo of every month, things like groceries, the front yard, sunsets, dinos, the book tower, etc. One of them was the contents of my purse.

However I completely spaced that one until last week when Mel and Ruth posted theirs. It’s too late now to do a year of it but I think I will try to get it in at random.

This was my purse on Friday.


It’s a DSLR bag that I often carry because of the roominess. Please note the lack of DSLR.


This is what all was stuffed in that bag


Friday I had a lot of time to kill while out and about, so I had various things to keep me occupied – my cross stitch project, the book I am currently reading and my Nintendo DS


These are my electronics that accompany me most places. A small camera (since I am using the bulk of the bag to hold books & craft stuff & can’t fit my D40), my cell phone and my Creative Zen mp3 player. The camera is all scratched up from being in DH’s pocked with his keys & multi tool over Xmas.


Then there is the rest of the stuff – wallet, reusable grocery bag, unused coupons, grocery receipt & car keys


What is in the wallet?


Lots of cards – Sams Club, 3 department stores, couple of bank cards for the ATM (we try to stick to cash only), insurance card, driver’s license & library card. Then there are the membership cards – Build a Bear, GameStop, Martins (grocery), Blockbuster, Petsmart, Sephora, Safeway (grocery) and a pass to the Shenandoah national park we got while visiting a year ago. It’s good until May 2010 should we feel like making the trip again. Some more coupons that didn’t get used (Mayhem likes Reese Puffs and Gushers so I stock up on the coupons for them). Rewards cards – Dairy Queen (I’m one blizzard away from  a free blizzard), Smoothie King Kids, Tropical Smoothies, and regular Smoothie King. Obviously I like cold creamy drinks. And last, but by no means least $70 in cash and $1.63 in change. All of which was spent over the weekend on dinner out and stuff to make cookies.


Rinda said...

I just bought a similar dSLR bag - mine's solid red and leathery, rather than fabric, but I'm really excited for it to arrive. I got mine a epihanie.

LizzieMade said...

Ooh, I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to post the contents of my bag.. perhaps I'll think it over!

I suppose it would be similar to yours, Ruth's and Mel's really. Maybe I really will think it over!

Love that bag - it doesn't look like a camera bag at all. Very posh!

Jane said...

wow that bag is just GORGEOUS!! I think I need to go looking for a new camera bag!!!! Great bag post - I did mine last week - it was a good chance to clean out my cluttered bag ;)

TooManyHats said...

Mine at the moment seems to be trashed. I really need to clean it out and start from scratch. I also need a purse with lots of pockets and compartments. At the moment my purse is just a big black hole and I can find nothing.

Creative Junkie said...

I envy those of you who would take a photo of your purse every month because that assumes that your purse would presumably change a bit from month to month, right? Mine NEVER changes. Wallet, checkbook, cellphone, WW calculator, coupon evelope. All in the exact same spots as last month. I am incredibly boring.

humel said...

I LOVE that bag!! And I love how much you can pack into it!