Monday, April 19, 2010


Today’s post is random because I am tired.

I’ve been fighting the unmedicated insomnia fight since Christmas and for awhile there I was winning. After 3 solid years of Lunesta induced sleep I was off the meds and actually sleeping some, most of the time, by mid-Feb. I filled my last Lunesta prescription on Nov 30 and I still have 2 of those pills left.

I would have had 5 but it’s been a hard 10 days.

Sometime in late Feb the balance tipped and insomnia has been winning over half time time. For awhile there it was various aches & pains keeping me awake & Tylenol PM helped but that soon stopped working. Meditating was never more than 50% successful, neither were the various herbal teas I have tried.

Lately I seem to sleep best from 5am until 9am, with a 45 minute period of wakefulness around 6:45 when I get up to get the kids ready for school. So I’ve been getting about 3 non consecutive hours of sleep lately. I’m a bit cranky as a result.

Then the boys started night waking again from nightmares brought on by … something… maybe that thing on Big Foot on the Travel Channel.

I don’t think Big Foot is scary though and the show wasn’t scary.

Sometimes I believe Big Foot exists and sometimes I think it’s just a legend but even then I sort of hope there is a Big Foot creature out there somewhere. I like that science is wrong sometimes & that some creature has managed to hide from humans all this time.

Did you catch the new Doctor Who? Looks promising! I love Doctor Who, have ever since I first saw Tom Baker as the Doctor on PBS back in the 70s.

Now that we have streaming Netflix on the Wii I get to watch old Tom Baker Dr Who episodes on it during the day.

It’s been sci fi heaven around here lately. We’re re-watching the Babylon 5 series currently, just finishing season 2 now.If you have never seen it, you need to. Best sci fi series ever. It was written to have a 5 year story arc and nearly every episode ties into the overall story. There are maybe 2 episodes in 5 years that don’t. There are no one appearance characters, no throw away lines, no unnecessary dialog points. Everything at some point ties into the full story line. The characters are great, the story is epic. Season 1 is a bit slow but season 2 is like riding a plot rocket.

Speaking of story arcs..I just finished the Betrayal of the Blood Lily, which is the latest book in the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig. It was a good story, set in India for a change, Interesting characters, starring Penelope who is a friend of Henrietta & Charlotte & appeared in a couple of the recent books in the series. She’s packed off to India with her husband who she was forced to wed after being compromised with him in the previous book. She doesn’t love him, barely even seems to like him actually but tries to make the best of things being her flirtatious outgoing self. She ends up getting involved in some political intrigue involving the English, the French & some of the local rulers, as well as with Capt Alex Reid. It does a very good job of giving the feeling of life in Indian at the time (pre Raj) but I think the flower motif is getting a bit forced at this point.

And there was no Blood Lily. There was a Marigold, a Frangipani, a Moonflower and a Gulmohar (an ornamental tree with red/orange flowers). The book was mostly about the Marigold. And isn’t the Blood Lily African, not Indian? So the title makes no sense at all. Betrayal of the Marigold would be better. Though not as dramatic sounding.

Marigolds are not at all dramatic.

Despite the floral inconsistencies it was a good story & if you have read the others it is worth reading this one too. We learn a bit more about Colin’s strange family as well as hearing Penelope’s story. I enjoy the series but it falls under “library only'”. I’m unlikely to read them enough to justify buying them.

Unlike say, the Stephanie Plum series,which I own all of and recently finished rereading for about the 4th time. DH is reading them for the first time now & I must say it is interesting getting a male viewpoint on the whole Stephanie-Morelli-Ranger thing.

I’m going to go attempt some sleep now. Later this week I’ll have highlights of my yogurt making and some praise for my new toaster oven.

Because that is what my incoherent sleepless life has come to – praising toaster ovens.


Darcy Baldwin said...

Can't wait to hear about the yogurt making! It's one of our home-ec goals this month, just haven't jumped in, yet. We watched the new Dr. Who, and I have to say - I didn't hate him - and that's saying A LOT!

Cheri Andrews said...

I was suffering from insomnia big time last night - I'm thankful it isn't a regular thing like you are experiencing. I hope you can kick it soon!

SciFi Dad said...

Damn... Babylon 5? I used to love that show, but was never able to catch it (it ran in syndication here).

Another great sci-fi series? Farscape.

Creative Junkie said...

I've been meaning to read Stephanie Plum forever and just haven't gotten around to it - I so need a series that I can really get into.

And just so you know ... I love toaster ovens.

heathergw said...

hope you get some sleep hon! I love making my own yogurt... can't wait to hear how yours turned out.

Lena Brandenburg said...

ugh, insomnia is the worst. I hope you can get some reprieve soon!!!

Cindy said...

D-oh! I always have some trouble sleeping in the spring, too. And my boys are terrible sleepers also, so I feel your sleep deprivation pain. Hope it turns around for you. My own DH and I just saw the new Dr. Who, and it was, indeed, promising. Wasn't sure for the first 30 minutes, but was totally engaged by the end. "Run." And I love Stephanie Plum. My husband used to listen to my audio copies with me while we were in the car together, but that doesn't happen now that the boys travel with us. Ahem. Get some rest!

Colleen said...

Ugh, insomia. So miserable!! I hope you can get some solid rest soon hon :(
I looooooooooove Stephanie Plum!!!

HappyLilGrahamCracker said...

I know how you feel, in regards to the insomnia. I hope it gets better soon. Luckily for me, lately, sickness has been winning out over insomnia, but once the cold and cold medicine are gone, I'm thinking it's going to be back to insomnia winning out. Hope things get better.

LizzieMade said...

So sorry you're having problems with insomnia again. Just a thought - have you had your thyroid checked out? Sometimes this can cause aches & pains and insomnia (but obviously it's not the only cause ... still, maybe worth checking?). Anyway, I hope you can get it sorted out soon.
We like Dr Who here... although DS was having a bit of a problem adjusting to the New Doctor. I think he's getting used to the change now.
I'll watch out for the yoghourt post. My Indian friend used to make lovely yoghourt. I have one of those "Easi-Yo" yoghourt makers, but it makes about 2 pints at a time, I don't eat dairy any longer, and DS can't possibly eat it all... so the yoghourt maker is on top of a cupboard!