Monday, April 12, 2010

The week that was

It was a week off for the most part. The boys has Spring Break from Sat-Wed. DH had Sat-Tues off from work. The weather was wonderfully warm and sunny the whole time.

Saturday there was yard work & grilling steaks with some friends.


Sunday was Easter. We went to brunch at a local restaurant. It was ok. Brunch is difficult sometimes and the menu was not very large. We came for more yard work and the boys created water hazards to play in. Plus there was more cooking out on the grill. Tandori spiced chicken this time.


Monday I went to the gym and the males laid around until I came home. Then everyone was outside from about 10a to 8p. DH did some work on the brakes of his old motocycle and went for a short ride. The water hazards continued and I read out on the shade porch. I want to buy a chaise lounge for the shade porch, but there is not enough room for it, so I have to sprawl across 2 chairs. Dinner was on the grill again – BBQ bacon wrapped shrimp

Tuesday DH & Havoc went on a Cub Scout trip to a nuclear power plant and Mayhem & I went to the library & grocery store. I did laundry & cleaned the house. Mayhem told me he really misses spending time “just you and me Mama” since he started kindergarten and he doesn’t want to join Cub Scouts next year because he’d rather stay with me. We grilled fish this time.

Wednesday DH returned to work and I dozed until 9a, my sleep continuously interrupted by wailing from Mayhem whenever he was stuck on some part of Wii Lego Batman. Mayhem wails, screams and cries when he can’t do what needs to be done to complete the game level. But I’ll give him credit. He never quits. I have to physically pick him up and move him out of the room when he becomes to overwrought to play because he will not stop trying until he has accomplished it. He just does it while pitching a fit which is not fun to  listen too. The boys just wanted to hang out a game & since they had spent nearly all of the past 4 days outside I went with it. No grilling tonight because DH doesn’t get home until 6:30 or so and I’d like to eat before 7. I’m not proficient yet with the grill.

Thursday the males left the house at 7:15 to go to work and to school and I went back to bed and slept until 10am. Ahhhh! Then I mopped the floors and wiped the cabinets and dusted and put away all the stuff that was taken out over a 5 day holiday and did more laundry.Then I went to the gym and then the grocery store for a rotisserie chicken (because I am worth it) for dinner.

Friday I did various jobs for things that I had let slide during the week with everyone home. I also met DH for lunch, which was nice. We went out to dinner with friends as well.

Saturday was another Cub Scout activity, a wild animal vet care center this time and Mayhem and I bonded over another trip to the library and playing Raving Rabbids Go Home. It was also Catfish Fry night at the VFW and DH and his boss fry hushpuppies for it. I’m not that fond of fried catfish, though I like fried fish in general. The hushpuppies are excellent though. I always forget to bring my own beverage & after 4 years, twice a year, you’d think I could remember. The choices are sweet tea and unsweet tea. I don’t like tea.

Sunday was lazy. Most of it was spent outside, more chicken coop painting, more equipment repair, more water hazards and one more grilled steak & veggie dinner.

Everything is back to the normal routine now.

I’m looking forward to summer. We had a nice taste of it this past week.


Tess said...

I am looking forward to summer myself.
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Texasholly said...

This does make me want summer....:)

humel said...

I *love* Mayhem's cute comment :-) I *love* Lego games on the Wii :-) I *love* those Rabbids :-)

LizzieMade said...

Your mini-break sounds great! We only had one day warm enough to eat outside, which was this Saturday, but we made up for it - we were out from 12pm til 4pm, in lovely sunshine and all got sunburn!
J. is on his school holiday just now too. They have a 2-week break for Easter, which is lovely. On Sunday he will go away for a week, on a school trip to Normandy. We've been busy today, buying a few bits of kit he needs. Have to get him ready on Thursday and Friday...
I'm a "scream and shout in frustration, but never give up" type too, so I do sympathise with Mayhem about the games... my mother used to get very angry with me when I got upset - don't think it helped really. When J. used to get all stroppy and stressed out over his computer game, I used to make him stop playing and switch off until he could show me he was calm again. It was hard work to do this, and he got very upset, but I found that after doing it consistently for a few days, he began to learn to calm down - or pay the price! He has mostly grown out of this now (your boys are still quite little... ), but we still get the odd "incident"! The trials of growing up...

Creative Junkie said...

My girls have off next week - by Tuesday of next week, I'm sure I'll be saying something like OH MY GOD, WHEN IS SPRING BREAK OVER? I'm looking forward to summer too but only for the weather. If my girls would just get along with each other and not fight and simply co-exist peacefully, I'd enjoy summer a lot more.

TooManyHats said...

All that grilling sounds perfect. We need to replace our grill and I cannot wait until we are grilling several times a week. Awww....your Mayhem is so sweet wanting mommy and me time.

SciFi Dad said...

That's sweet, what Mayhem said. I'm sure my son will say something similar when he's older and off to JK.