Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Meanders–backing up

I decided to bite the bullet & try an online storage & backup plan this past week.

I have 200GBs of stuff to upload.  After 5 days 16GBs have been uploaded. That means it’ll only be a mere…

um…5 goes into 16 3 and some times, so 3ish GBs a day…into 200GBs…. um…let me get the calculator… 62 days give or take, and I have a 15 day free trial so…

I’ll never be able to tell for free if it works. I have to pay for 2 months before I even get the darn stuff uploaded.

Oh, and my ISP? has a 6BG a month up/down limit at our pricing tier (no unlimited tier at all) & you incur MASSIVE overage charges if you go over it.

Which I have done already.

But they are cutting me some slack on the overages charges on account of I am a MASSIVE pain in the butt about my signal strength, towers vs poles & that guy down the road who is tying up all the bandwidth downloading po.rn (which I know because I got a new tech support guy on the phone one time & he was talking to himself while checking out who was on the repeater & said “whoa this dude’s pulling down some porn”).  Deal is I shut up about the signal strength for 2 months & they will look the other way about the overages.

Or something like that.

What do I have 200GBs of?

Hell if I know.

According to the backup scheduler I have 106GBs of photos, which I totally believe because it’s photos & digi scrapping supplies combined (both end in .jpg or .png), 16GBs of music, which sounds reasonable, 24GB of movies, which makes me question what the software considers ‘movies’ because we don’t download movies & the Flip video movies only take up 16GBs on my harddrive. Then there is 8GBs of  zips & archives, most of which I ought to have excluded but didn’t think about in time & if I changed it now it would have to go back & start over at the beginning, and finally 45Gbs of ‘other’.

Gotta love ‘other’

I have 16GBs of audio books on my computer, probably they are ‘other’. DH thinks the rest must be fonts but I only have a 800MBs of fonts. He blames everything wrong with every computer I have ever had on the fonts. In his world people only need Arial & Times New Roman and everything else is just excessive. 2,700 fonts is out of control insane in his world, never mind 1000 of them came preloaded on the computer.

When I want to annoy him I send him emails in STOMP or Porcelain fonts.  But usually backfires because his email software tells him the font can’t be found & uses Arial instead.

So I have 37GBs of unaccounted for files. That seems a bit much. I can see not being able to identify 3-4GBs but 10 times that amount seems like more than just carelessness.

Do you use an online backup company? Did it take weeks to do the initial backup? Have you ever had to redownload the stuff to your computer? Did it take as long?


Lizziemade said...

Sounds like a lot to backup....  Suggestion - why not have a "backup" folder on your pc, then copy in anything that is Important To You and back that up online....  Then copy stuff like  photos, digi-books, scrapbook pages etc (files that won't change) onto CDROM, for storage at home, in a box (or even a fire-safe box if you want to)?   And/or why not have a pc "spring clean", to rid yourself of the "unknown other" stuff that you don't want/use anyway?  After all, this has only been on my "to do list" for about 3 years - you're way ahead of me on the backup... who knows, you might even get it all done?!
Good luck with that, Stacey!

Comfy Mom said...

If it wouldn't cause me to lose the 16GBs it's already backed up because it stops & restarts from the beginning when you change what files to back up, I totally would do a better edit of what file paths I wanted done. For instance I don't need the audio books backed up, they are all safe at audible for redownload at any time.

Rinda1961 said...

I'm crap at backing up, although I always have plans to to it.

Carole said...

I got much better at backing up after losing two hard drives. I've got an external hard drive which the computer backs up to automatically and the really important stuff goes online too. There's only about 10GB I consider vital though and I'm lucky that I'm on Cable broadband which is pretty much uncapped. Photos get put onto DVDs too.
Oh yes, losing everything twice turns you into a back-up demon *grin*

Andrea @ The Creative Junkie said...

I use Carbonite. It took almost one month to do the initial backup. About a year after I installed it, I had a massive hard drive failure. Thank God for Carbonite because I was able to re-install almost all of my lost data. It took about 3.5 weeks to re-install it all and I thought I would die the whole time, but it worked. Now, I have to get Carbonite (or Mozy) for my Mac laptop as well.

Sabrina Kennedy said...

Hi, I am your newest follower from the blog hop! Hope you stop by some time J