Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordy Wednesday


It was 1985, their thoughts were short & so was their hair.

On the left, with the cigarette in his mouth is my husband’s best friend Max. I believe he was home from a 2 year stint in the Army & this was the summer before he started college.

On the right, with the cheesy 70s porn star mustache, laughing his fool head off because they’d been smoking funny things, is, gods help me, my future husband.

Who,  by the way, had gotten rid of the mustache by the time I met him 4 years after this photo.

This pair of 20 year old stoners would eventually become responsible family men & contributing members of society, but at the time of this photo, you’d never guess it.


Tori Nelson said...

Saw the name of your blog on SITS and I had to stop by to say "Yes. That sums up my life, too". Love this post. The image of a 70s porn mustache is enough to keep me laughing through the day!

Rinda1961 said...

Hilarious! I wonder how much of my own life my kids will repeat . . .