Tuesday, May 16, 2006

bad habits

I shout too much at the kids & I take DH for granted. I try to work on these things - keeping my voice calm, imagining I have a studio audience watching my deal with my kids, telling DH thank you often, commenting that I appreciate that he did whatever it was. But then after a few days I am back to shouting in irritation & ignoring DH's efforts.

I live with 3 people who are absolutely incapable of cleaning up after themselves or finding a darn thing by themselves. Granted two of them 3 and 2 years old but when the shoe is right in front of him I should not have to come in from the kitchen, where I am attempting to cut veggies for dinner, pick it up and hand the shoe to the 2 year old who apparently cannot look down. This happens all day and is why I end up shouting & am not really appreciative that DH made cookies (because of the mess left behind him).

But I am working on it. I resolve every morning that I won't raise my voice to my children in any form that I would not wish to hear addressed to myself and that I will thank my husband when he does things (He thanks me all the time) Many days I manage to do this. Some days I've failed by 9am. Most days I have about a 70-80% success rate.

eta - Heather, bunco is a dice game, played with 3 dice at 3 tables of 4 people. You roll for certain numbers every round & you get points for various combinations. And at the end of every round points are added up & people move around to different tables. Everyone pays in $5 and at teh end of 15 rounds points are totalled and the money dividedup among winners in different categories. It's a lot of fun. I play it monthly with some women from my MOPS (mothers of toddlers/preschoolers) group


Glynis said...

I totally hear you, Stacey. Pretending to have an audience is a great way of standing back and deciding how to treat your children. Great post!

loonyhiker said...

This was great! It reminds me of my hubby. He will open the fridge and look in it and then tell me he can't find the ketchup. I walk to the fridge, move the milk or whatever container is in front, and reach towards the back and grab the ketchup. He always looks puzzled like, "How did that get there?" He can not move anything and acts like things will jump into his hands if he wants something!

heather said...

I can't believe your dh made cookies. Mine would never have done that in his whole life!!! I do understand that irritated feeling. I even get it for no reason... Thanks for the info on bunco - I thought it was some food event. It sounds more fun than cleaning up after 3 boys all day!

Meg said...

Oh yeah, I feel your pain too. I don't yell much, but I get VERY grouchy and snippy, as my mom would say. And it's so hard to say thank you to my dh when he makes me anything, but then I have to clean every gosh darn pot and pan we own because he apparently needed to try out all of them!

Whew! Sorry about that!