Friday, May 12, 2006

Super power?

I'd have a super memory. I'd be able to recall with clarity & detail what I wanted to recall (Havoc's first smile, the first time Mayhem said Mommy) and not recall very well the things I don't want to (the flame war I started over Mother's Day on an elist, the car accident on our way to FL).

I have a very good memory, but a rather vague & fuzzy one as well. I don't trust myself to recall details well of some things (like some incidents on message boards, dates of the kings of France, people's birthdays, grocery lists) but I remember lots of other things (other incidents on message boards, dates of the kings of England, how much my first job paid me [$1.20 an hour], what I ordered at restaurants I visited in another state 5 years ago) There is no real rhyme or reason to what I remember. I have periods of having a great memory & periods of having a really bad memory & I never know which I am in until it's too late.

So a super memory, with an edit feature would be awesome.


Glynis said...

I would totally sign up for THAT superpower! Great one, Stacey!

loonyhiker said...

This was a good one! Of course my hubby says I have too good a memory because I don't let him forget anything that he has ever done wrong or stupid! AND I never forget any mistake that he has ever made because I have not made any! lol.

heather said...

VERY VERY good idea! I always remember the really dumb things I've said 10 years ago and lots of good stuff slips by. It's annoying!