Monday, May 29, 2006

The weekend was ok. We went up to the mountains to some property some friends of ours own along a river. It's a very shallow river where they are, up to my waist at most 90% of the time, so it's great for the kids. It was their DD's 3rd b-day and they were having a weekend long camping party. We went up Saturday morning & came back Sunday night. The males camped out, I stayed in a Holiday Inn about 20 minutes away. DH owed me a night alone from when he went camping a month ago & I'm not much on camping, so it worked out well. The little boys had a blast. Havoc's first question was "when can we get in the river?' and spend the rest of the time in the river, complaining that he had to get out, & asking when he could get back in. He also went fishing with DH & caught a fish, though he didn't seem to realize this was a big deal. It was hot, though the water was chilly. It was fun hanging out with our friends but I didn't have much to say & just lounged a lot. The 2 women are yoga instructors (different types of yoga) and talked about classes & things that I had nothing to add to. But it was nice to just be quiet & sit in the woods. They both teach prenatal yoga & one is working on getting a kids' yoga or mommy & baby yoga class together. That got me thinking about a book I got called "Baby Buddahs" which is about teaching meditation to toddlers. I got it because I think Havoc could do with learning to relax & focus. He gets so wound up sometimes, gritting his teeth intensely - not with anger, just with energy. So I decided to finish reading it this weekend when I got home & use some of Havoc's quiet time to teach him about meditating. The kids all played & shrieked together & had a great time & we talked about how we do this group camping thing every year & wondered about what the kids will remember of it as they get older.

It was a long & tiring ride home Sunday night. I had both boys in the car because I was dumb enough to ask who they wanted ride with (DH & I each drove, they slept in his truck bed & I had to drive to the hotel. Dumb, but DH *hates* pitching a tent.) They were asleep within 15 minutes of leaving the campsite. It's a 2.5 hour drive home. Mayhem woke up about 25 minutes from home & cried the rest of the ride because he couldn't find his sippy cup & it was dark, on a windy 2 lane road with no place really safe for me to pull over & try & find it. Havoc slept through it. Mayhem then would not settle to sleep at home. It was almost 10pm when Dh & i got in bed & started watching TV. Mayhem cries for water, cries for company, ends up in our bed by 10:50. He won't settle down & irritates DH so much he gets up & goes to bed in the playroom. I eventually convince Mayhem to go to his bed about midnight, doesn't last. He's back in bed with me by 12:30 & finally drops off at 1am, sideways across our bed. I wake up around 6am, with Mayhem curled next me , his head on my feet & his body at an angle hogging as much of a queen size bed as a 30 inch child can. I sent Havoc, who came in the room, to get Daddy (who got at least 90 minutes more sleep than me) and went back to sleep. Mayhem was up about 8am.

I had a good weekend, but I am a bit worn out. Physically I didn't do much but I just feel mentally drained & i don't know why. I was finally able to find Digital Scrapbooking 5 & look forward to reading through it tonight.


loonyhiker said...

I have done some yoga and find it relaxing but then I get out of the routine and that's it. I also have a book called Meditation for Dummies and I enjoy the thought of meditating for relaxing so about once a year I get the book out and do meditation for a week or two and get out of the routine and that's it until the next year. I think you and your son would enjoy it. Hope you get some rest. I'm sure you were busier than you think like getting ready for the camping trip, packing for everyone, getting everyone settled at the campsite even if you weren't staying, getting everyone packed back up, unpacking when you got home, putting everything away, etc. I'm tired for you!

Tink said...

It's surprising just how much little ones can tire you out. Especially when they are cranky. But am glad you had a nice time while you were gone, and got some time to yourself as well.

heather said...

The weekend, the drive and your night sound absolutely exhausting, I'm not surprised you are so tired! That is annoying when the dh's get to drive home in peace, that's happened to me more than once and the sleeping in the car then not sleeping at night - yup, know that one too. And the sideways sleeping bed-hogger - yup know that beast too... you have my sympathies. Maybe you should get that pool with the cupholders with lots of beer in them? LOL